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Comment Re:I don't see the issue... (Score 1) 313

So it's better to use more expensive methods, just to keep people employed?

In that case, I've got some broken windows that need fixing...

We could build a thousand schools with the money that goes into one battleship," Like hell -- if they canceled the battleship, they'd find something else to piss the money away on -- not one damned school would get built out of it.

So it's okay to piss money away, because they'd piss money away anyway? That's a rather poor argument.

Comment Beware "Edutainment" (Score 1) 40

It's a noble cause, but there are questions as to whether or not Brain Age and its ilk work as advertised. Some have found success in improving math scores. Still, results are inconclusive. Given how strapped our schools are for cash right now, it's hard see them snapping up a bunch of DS' and software for questionable benefits.

Comment Re:Windows Mobile 7 is not yet out. (Score 1) 366

If you are going to be a fan, at least get the name right: Windows Phone 7 Series.

Making a good product isn't good enough for Microsoft. It has to be an amazing product that is heavily marketed to seriously affect Apple and Google's momentum. It has to be something that once people see it, they want it.

cf the Zune. Every review I have read, is positive. Anybody who has one, generally speaks quite well of it. Yet it still hasn't pulled much market share from the iPod.

The big wildcard in this though, is Apple and their bad behavior. If Apple pisses off enough developers other platforms benefit. Unfortunately for Microsoft, I suspect Android will be gain more developers than Microsoft. A big part of making an amazing product comes from third parties.

Comment Re:Way to go (Score 1, Interesting) 452

That's only half the story though. The "press" in that country is rich, and connected to other countries. They managed to stay "just out of reach" during the last coup attempt, but it's an open secret they planned, funded and used their TV and media to hide what was happening from the citizens. They are the ones that announced "success" of the coup and had the USA on speed dial to accept.

These guys are far more corrupt than Chavez is.... their control of media makes guys like Hurst and Murdoch look like absolute amateurs. They're all buddies and all in on what gets published and most of the courts are in their pocket too. (like if Cheney and is PNAC could ever get their way) If it came back that somebody like Google's founders directly manipulated an election by tanking searchs for candidates they didn't like or programming Google searches for only THEIR agenda there would be big trouble over here... although it's technically not illegal. Imagine if NBC/ABC/FOX got together on voting day and simply lied about the results...simply started saying at noon that their guy was "winning". Look at the chaos the 2000 Bush/Gore vote caused simply because they "reported" a winner before actually COUNTING the votes. These guys have the balls to pull that crap on purpose and enough judges and generals in their pockets not to go to prison/or worse.

Nationalized media was the "least" Chavez could do in response to flat out rebellion. If he had any aspirations as a real dictator and not a good leader he would have simply had the top 1% richest and all his generals put against the wall within the week....and broadcast THAT on their precious "free media". he DIDN'T do that and tried to let the people use their courts to handle things shows character.

Like his politics or not, he is the scariest leader in the western hemisphere because he really is trying to use proper government channels and trying to help his people, not just the upper class. The rich and connected didn't toss him aside when the USA said "jump", his people stuck up for him, that makes him untouchable now. There's no UN "grounds" to start a war against him like Iraq or Afghanistan.Messing with him at this point is an act of unprovoked war and I'd be certain he has the names of people in the US to back him up. He's out there, trying to groom his neighbors that are under threat of being deposed by drug loads and the CIA so they don't have to constantly be afraid either.

He's trying to abolish the Monroe Doctrine the US government has kept up the entire 1900's that Latin/South America is our "banana republic" to boss around.

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