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Comment No loss of neurons through aging (Score 1) 176

Loss of neurons due to aging has been shown to be a measurement error before.

Haug, H. (1985). Are neurons of the human cerebral cortex really lost during aging? A morphometric examination. In Senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (pp. 150-163). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Unfortunately the article is paywalled. However it says that there is no statistical evidence of neuron loss in healthy people due to aging. Previously widely reported loss was shown to be a systematic bias in measurement.

Comment Re:ZOMG (Score 1) 1069

Healthcare is not a normal market. When people are really sick they will pay anything up to getting bankrupt so that they are treated. Normal people cannot shop around too much or wait a month or two for a better offer. So a little of collusion between healthcare providers will go a long way towards gouging "customers".

Everywhere else in the entire Western world, government have established single user pay systems. Even in America this is true for the elderly with Medicare. For the general population, the actual cost of care in the US is 2x or 3x more than everywhere else in the world. Why is that?

Healthcare is not like a new smartphone and market principles do not apply to every situations.

Comment Re:Full Employment Act for Comedians (Score 1) 1069

Since 2008, unemployment has been going steadily down, the trade deficit is back at year 2000 (or 1985) level, and debt has started going down again. The financial crisis of 2008, started at the end of GWB's term is what prompted the huge borrowing, and it wasn't Obama's doing. You have to be disingenuous to pretend the economy is worse now than in 2008.

Comment So no one here wants to tax Apple? (Score 1) 122

I can't believe the number of Apple supporters here. Come on! Apple is like every large scoundrel with lawyers, not only do they make billions, they like to fake victim status. Frankly they are a disgrace and they need to be told off. Have you seen how they tread employees?

I get that some people here don't like governments to have money, but govs are pretty much free to raise any tax they want anyway. Like death, taxes are a fact of life. Either you and I pay it with our hard-earned cash or some enormous, selfish company selling unnecessary, luxury, first world items pay it. Which do you prefer ?

Disclaimer: I'm a happy Apple customer. I don't care if Apple raise their price by 5% to pay for this tax. They already do it anyway (see last touchy-feely MBP with same specs as a year earlier).

Comment Re:Sun in a jar, never (Score 1) 431

By models:

At the center of the Sun, fusion power is estimated by models to be about 276.5 watts/m3.[1] Despite its intense temperature, the peak power generating density of the core overall is similar to an active compost heap, and is lower than the power density produced by the metabolism of an adult human. The Sun is much hotter than a compost heap due to the Sun's enormous volume.[2]

Ref [1] here.
Ref [2] this page, which is not very good; and a simple model here.

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