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Comment Re:Good on him (Score 2) 225

Technically the Shuttle was a reusable rocket, so we know it works.

Reusable conventional rockets are an interesting concept. Engineers at NASA and ESA thought it would not be economical. NASA and ESA use a small number of large engines each time they send one of their rocket up, and so reusing them means firing one of the large engine for a long time (which damages them and requires significant amounts of fuel that would have been otherwise used to put satellite into orbit). A SpaceX rocket uses a large number of small engines, so letting one fire for longer in order to retrieve all the others makes more sense. Nonetheless these engines spend more time in space and experience a reentry, which may damage them.

AFAIK SpaceX hasn't yet tried to reuse any of the retrieved engine. They already have a less-than-stellar safety record so that is not surprising. I suspect the road to effective return on investment on the reusable rocket venture may be longer than anticipated.


Comment Re:Deliberately missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 386

It's not disgust, it's impracticality. Young people no longer can pay for their university degree by working in stores. Unless you are a genius (rare), either your parents do it for you, or you are unlikely to ever reach the middle class. I'm not exactly sure what kind of future we offer our kids.

Comment No loss of neurons through aging (Score 1) 176

Loss of neurons due to aging has been shown to be a measurement error before.

Haug, H. (1985). Are neurons of the human cerebral cortex really lost during aging? A morphometric examination. In Senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (pp. 150-163). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Unfortunately the article is paywalled. However it says that there is no statistical evidence of neuron loss in healthy people due to aging. Previously widely reported loss was shown to be a systematic bias in measurement.

Comment Re:ZOMG (Score 1) 1069

Healthcare is not a normal market. When people are really sick they will pay anything up to getting bankrupt so that they are treated. Normal people cannot shop around too much or wait a month or two for a better offer. So a little of collusion between healthcare providers will go a long way towards gouging "customers".

Everywhere else in the entire Western world, government have established single user pay systems. Even in America this is true for the elderly with Medicare. For the general population, the actual cost of care in the US is 2x or 3x more than everywhere else in the world. Why is that?

Healthcare is not like a new smartphone and market principles do not apply to every situations.

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