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Comment Re:Everyone has their price, (Score 1) 84

And iWeb is now off the list of hosting companies that I would recommend, since they're located in a country that has no 1st Amendment rights.

First I dont have any link with and I support you against if what you said is true but please dont hide behind your american flag to cry. Canada has the same rules and laws you found in 1st amendment right it's just that we dont use numeral notation to classify laws. Basically American and Canadian laws are the same except the right to wear a shotgun as a decoration in your pick-up truck (4th amemdment) but Harper (our Bush) is working hard to regress us to that level.... Try suing a big American Corp and see if you would still have your internet hosting from and I am sure you will lose it since big corp have lawyer armies that we small people doest have...

Comment Something in beta : Battleground (Score 1) 79

Hi everyone, I am in the same situation, left my old group to make my life with the wife and baby to be near to her workplace and distance is now a problem for gaming session. I am planing to start joining them by teleconference.. so it will only be me being the online ressource so i think we will stick to skype and webcam to reduce the workload on the DM since I am the only one who will be with a computer. Someting nice i found while browsing is This is still in beta but sound real nice. it just miss the webcam/voice chat feature.. so this with skype or teamspeak seem to be the perfect solution for a full online session.

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