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Submission + - Current Freely Available Applications for Windows (

hollywoodb writes: "I've put together what I feel to be the best and brightest free software for Windows. Included are sections to accommodate most users' needs; notably omitted is a Games section. In putting together this list I found that some of my favorite Linux applications are available on Windows, and I discovered some new apps as well. Not all these apps are open source, but many are. It's exciting to find out how many more open source applications are available for Windows today compared to the last time I used the Windows platform eight years ago. What are some of your favorite free and/or open source Windows applications?"

Submission + - Netflix Announces Second Data Mining Contest (

John Snodgrass writes: "Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer at Netflix, has announced on the Netflix Prize Forums that they are planning to hold a new data mining competition. The second competition will have some twists and is expected to be shorter in duration. It will feature two grand prizes, to be awarded in a 6 and 18 month time frame. A previous competitor still active on the board has already dubbed it: The Sparse Matrix: Reordered" and "The Sparse Matrix: Factorizations"."

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