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Submission + - Software Troubleshooter

Hrvat writes: I've now been a programmer for 7 years and I feel that I've seen what there is to see when it comes to web programming. I've used Pearl, Java and lately C# to complete a myriad of tasks given to me. All the applications I've worked on have fairly small user base but some were mission critical apps so I've had my share of testing.

Through all this I've found that I enjoy debugging. I actually love it. Coding something brand new takes a close second place, but having to dig through code of a legacy app and figuring why the application is throwing that barely reproducible error is what I'd like to do. Refactoring, debugging, optimizing, call it what you will, but I want to do that most of my time.

My question to Slashdot is: If I was create a position where one would perform just such troubleshooting activities (Well, mostly. But, meetings aside), what would I call it? Or, hypothetically, if I was looking for a new position, what would I look for?

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