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Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 2) 85

1000 shortened URLs/month is a single 'targeted' phishing group?

Nonsense. 1000 shortened URLs/month is an open account being used by many interested parties.

lets see the other 9000 targets. Bet they are clearly from all over the map. I'll further bet CNN will tell us it's illegal to look for ourselves.

Comment Re:Great way to kill the competition by making it. (Score 1) 262

It's close to impossible to spend more on an old car vs a new one. Even if you hire the wrench. Just don't hire a criminal wrench.

I've got about $6k in a Mustang *, which is better in every way (except resale value, and mercenary bitch pulling power) than a GT-350 R. Would likely have been about $10k+ if I hadn't turned the wrenches. But still a fraction of the cost of a new factory tuner. YYMV especially if you live in car cancer country.

* I know, I know, 'blue oval of shame'. But parts are plentiful and cheap and the car is actually better than I expected. Which is understandable. The last Ford car I touched was a Mustang II (aka Pinto II).

Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 1) 401

There is no functioning market for US treasuries.

A US treasury auction will never be allowed to not sell out. They aren't even being allowed to raise to a market rate.

If the rate of US treasuries starts to rise the Federal reserve buys it all up. Which is why 'quantitative easing' is proving so hard to end. The fed doesn't control how much debt it buys at each auction. It buys _all that is leftover_, simple as that.

This is what happens when government is the world's biggest debtor _and_ controls the mechanism for setting interest rates. If Treasury rates were 10% the US treasury would already be bankrupt.

Everybody should borrow as much as they can to buy up any reasonably priced hard assets. Determining what constitutes 'reasonable price' in this environment is problematic.

Comment Re:Greeks are Lazy Fucks (Score 1) 401

I've known some Greeks outside Greece. They, at least, are not particularly lazy. Says nothing about Greek government employees either, those people are lazy as fuck worldwide.

Greece's economy is mostly underground. They learned that under the Ottomans. The problem is getting Greeks to pay taxes, even Greek government employees don't pay their taxes with impunity.

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