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Comment Re:No one likes (Score 1) 563

See also: The Iran/Iraq war. Which was managed by a state department very similar to Bush's.

Sunni/Shia stalemate is the obvious strategy. It has worked for something like 1000 years. Kicks the Saudis and Iranians right in their weak spot. Bleed them of cash and young men.

Balance is the key, every crazy muslim going into Syria is a victory. they would be much more dangerous if they stayed in the west.

The problem for western politicians is they have to pretend to be 'against it', which means they have to pretend to be incompetent, which makes it hard to get reelected.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 798

Produce your paperwork or don't get the job would do it.

Europe has just gotten its first taste of the emigration levels America has dealt with for decades. But a flat fence jumper can't get work in Europe, all America has to do is emulate the EU's work permitting process and the Mexicans etc go home.

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