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Comment Re:Supply and demand? (Score 3, Informative) 158

Boeing still does much better than new entrants have. See the Japanese and Chinese efforts to make their own wide bodies.

I'm surprised Tupolev isn't trying to get a bigger slice. But first they have to get competitive on fuel costs.

Nobody is turning on a dime and jumping into the market.

Comment Re:Left and right (Score 1) 154

Some will go/remain fully 'religious nuts' like creationists/commune dwellers. No disputing that.

Outside small enclaves of similarly minded nuts, how much influence do you think creationists/marxists have?

The worst they can do it influence things like grade school textbooks (by fanatical persistence). Which is, in fact, good bullshit detection training for growing kids. If a kid can't spot a commie/creationist by now, (s)he is likely too dumb to matter anyhow. The world will continue to need ditch diggers.

Comment Re:Supportive (Score 1) 143

I bet it doesn't include high risk insurance for the drunk and stupid drivers.

I've got decades with no tickets or accidents. My insurance is about 1/10 the price of insurance for someone with a DUI.

Suppose someone buys the lifetime insurance then acts really stupid. Do you really think the insurance company is going to continue covering them under the initial insurance coverage?

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