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Comment Re:Wikileaks is purely insane (Score 2, Informative) 211

I get dumping documents from government agencies. Though, their motives are a bit bizarre at times. Disclosing hundreds of thousands of addresses of private citizens? What does that help? When will Wikipedia disclose those types of details on everyone within Wikipedia? Oh that is right, Wikipedia believes they can be opaque in operation, not transparent like they expect everyone else to be.

I don't think Wikileaks is related to Wikipedia. The term "Wiki" predates Wikipedia and isn't any sort of trademark of theirs.

Comment Trader group (Score 1) 60

Weirdly enough, Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft announced a partnership this week to conduct research and promoting best practices on AI.

Why is that weird? It's just a trade association. Its purpose is to come up with a minimal code of conduct in the field of AI so that the government doesn't impose something more stringent, to give what may be mistaken as an independent body to take complaints about its members to, and to the extent practical to establish ways to restrict outsiders from entering the market. This is perfectly normal, every industry with money sloshing around has them. It doesn't mean the companies don't compete (or indeed engage in anti-competitive practices against one another).

Comment Re:Case Backwards (Score 1) 644

If you look at this from another perspective, Jennifer Youngman was just in the process of test-firing one of her just-cleaned shotguns, when a drone, flying dangerously low over her property, was unfortunate enough to stray into the line of fire.

No. She wasn't test firing and it didn't stray into her line of fire. She aimed at it, shot at it and hit it. Unless you think she's lying about what happened, but I don't see how that's "a matter of perspective".

Comment Re:If evil doesn't exist, how can religion be evil (Score 1) 1142

Dawkins said that the universe has ‘no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference’. But he also says that religion is a "significant force for evil in the world".

It seems readily apparent that the first quote is saying that the universe itself has no purpose, makes no moral judgments, bears us no ill-will and no good-will either. That isn't at odds with saying that humans pursue objectives, that humans make moral judgments and that he personally makes such moral judgments in relation to religion. You don't have to buy into his world view to realise that there is no contradiction here.

Comment Re:Oh Great (Score 1) 110

The citizens of Eichberg now have a mayor whose agenda has nothing to do roads, sewers, public safety, or any of the other unsexy issues that municipal officials deal with. He does care about copyright reform — an issue in which a mayor has no say at all.

Genuine question because I don't know anything about his politics - is what you've said here based on first hand knowledge of the mayor's opinions and policies, on local news reports, on something you read on some blog on the internet, or is it something you just made up based on your imagination of how a pirate party mayor should be?

Comment Re:Obvious? (Score 1) 278

But those are all industries much less encumbered by patents. Tech moves fast enough that patents generally don't expire until after they're useless anyway, hence the trend towards only a few big players.

But the original claim was about "mature markets" whereas you're suggesting it's something that applies to less mature markets. Cars are "tech" too, but they're more mature tech than mobile phones. One day mobile phones will be old hat too, with few essential patents and with less rapid change - i.e. that's when it'll be a mature market.

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