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Comment was registered to Google 2013 (Score 1) 435

Why was registered to Google inc, 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway at least as far back as 2013? and via MarkMonitor which "protects the leading brands". YAN has been laughing about this all day. Didn't anyone bother to check any of this??

Comment laser printer nanoparticles (Score 1) 93

Makes you wonder how bad the health effects of indoor laser printer pollution will turn out to be. The toner nanoparticles are much more dense in operation than people realize. See serious academics: "Effects of Laser Printer–Emitted Engineered Nanoparticles on Cytotoxicity, Chemokine Expression, Reactive Oxygen Species, DNA Methylation, and DNA Damage: A Comprehensive in Vitro Analysis in Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells, Macrophages, and Lymphoblasts"

Comment Watch the Grid on Github for AI webdev churning (Score 1) 260

A while ago I followed TheGrid web development AI project to keep tabs on how this bot is going to try to eat the industry. Now you can barely even load its home page because it makes so many repos . see also "How The Grid Will Automate Web Design Without Killing The Designer" .. this list seems to work, it churns constantly:

Comment Does hawkish govt rhetoric count as hate speech? (Score 1) 405

I wonder if material like European politicians calling for the war on Libya, or supporting Israel's assorted plans to wipe Palestinians off the West Bank, or the austerity minions trying to find ways to shaft Greek citizens, do any of these things count as hate speech? The governments - thru the unaccountable EU behemoth - are trying to terrible things to a lot of people in that general part of the world and I wonder if their advocacy for their sinister ideas qualifies as hate speech. I'm assuming rich people with suits automatically will get a pass, as long as their views are close to whoever controls the European Commission.

Comment Everyone is already paying for this service (Score 1) 257

Mobile phone companies occupy leased space on the electromagnetic spectrum (which as today's big health science report indicates may really be carcinogenic, full study here what a surprise). They displace those frequencies from being available for any other public use and then have the temerity to blow off pushing through android updates because they have to futz with the worthless crapware they add to the phones. It is ridiculous to talk of crowd funding. Maybe instead their frequencies should be taken away and given to local people to run data links instead, and force them to make all the crapware optional so that the update packs are far more generic and easier to build... in fact why can't the build process be automated CI testing style? You should be able to generate your own update packs by hitting some checkboxes on their website, end of story.

Comment can be disabled with spraypaint (Score 5, Insightful) 111

A well placed water balloon filled with paint, or spraypaint, would render it impossible to use the cameras. It would have to be protected from such low fi techniques somehow. There is always the question of asymmetry - cheap countermeasures against expensive tech. While very dystopian, this seems within the same bounds.

Comment Uber skips 1099 rules & W2 insurance requireme (Score 5, Insightful) 83

Yes US labor law is out of date. It is demented for health insurance to be linked to jobs. Only W2 jobs cover this. 1099 employers are not supposed to be able to dictate how people do their jobs (including if they pick up fares or not). Taxicab companies have to cover all the expenses of W2 while Uber ducks this by trying to stick them as 1099s. Uber is "transportation slavery" as a driver put it to me, who much prefers working with less exploitative ride services. They have "socialized risk" while privatizing profit. All the Uber drivers in a region should be able to strike, if they are a bargaining unit in some polygon that will be the only way they can get leverage. Working at the precariat level of the economy is a horrible experience and it can't continue. So many tech companies blow out existing players by undercutting as loss leaders, then turn it into a monopoly, then hike the prices. Walmart and Amazon have done the same thing. It is sick that no one in this realm is capable of working on healthy commercial ecosystems, it's either precariat oppression monopolies or bust.

Submission + - Oracle, chat & raw code found in Mossack Fonseca offshore web portal (

HongPong writes: The PanamaPapers law firm Mossack Fonseca exposed most of their customer service portal's backend, unpatched Drupal code through misconfiguring an Oracle server, also revealing a "portfolio" content type & possible local chat server. These vulnerabilities provide clues as to how the PanamaPapers might have been extracted remotely. This extends stories in Forbes & Wired UK about their security problems.

Comment Huge GE/Walsh plan to centralize power, tax scam (Score 2) 86

I work a few blocks from the proposed HQ site and there are construction cranes in all directions, & there is plenty of demand for office space in Fort Point and excellent freeway access due to Big Dig exit at convention center. We already have enough Internet of Things meetups believe it or not.

Muckrock and the Boston Institute of Nonprofit Journalism tried to raise $1700 demanded by the mayor's office for reproducing the GE emails. But who needs emails when the charm offensive has begun? BINJ did a five-part series on the scheme.

These crony style one-off deals are always terrible economics. The "free market" certainly will fill that space very soon. There is no lack of demand, instead tons of local money already develops this area. In Jan 2015 a parking ramp in Fort Point sold for $56 million or $106,500 per spot!

As noted above many in the population are furious #MakeGEpay protesting in the freeze of last weekend's clipper. (Mayor Walsh was elected with 52% on 38% turnout). The schools are facing a $50 million shortfall, students walked out just a few days ago partially protesting this.

In this deal they don't have to pay regular taxes, instead they get to muck around in the local school system with all the purse strings attached as the press release makes clear. Instead of letting the city get normal tax revenue and the School Board allocate money for programs GE gets to basically do what it likes, as the press release clearly specifies.

Sen. Sanders said they are "destroying the moral fabric" of the USA. Boston Magazine reported in January:

"GE isn't exactly a shining model of corporate conduct. The company is one of most notorious abusers of offshore tax havens, with $119 billion stashed away across 18 overseas locations as of 2015. Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders once named GE the nation's top corporate tax avoider. From 2002 to 2011, GE eliminated a fifth of its U.S. workforce while its offshore profits multiplied sixfold to $92 billion."

Do you really think that some of these Beacon Hill luminaries haven't been looking forward to a taste of that offshore $119,000,000,000?? The centralization of decisionmaking in the schools, by withholding program revenue, is unfolding in parallel to this incredible offshore tax scam. Maybe they want Ft Point Channel access to float in barges of cash, why not? I am disappointed none of this important info is in the story summary.

Comment they have the right idea (Score 1) 75

This is exactly the problem (at least one big problem) with modern VC driven economics. The investors only care about knocking out the other competitors, not building a long term sustainable business. They monopolize one 'vertical' then move on to wrecking the next one. Amazon benefitted from a similar strategy. They want to burn money blowing out the whole 'ecosystem' of services that are at least priced high enough to keep operating. Obviously this has happened in plenty of other sectors of China's economy before, but it's easy to see why they don't want Western investors monopolizing their taxi industry through this strategy (and for that matter they need to get a lot of autos unloaded into the consumer market).

Comment thanks for not really changing much (Score 1) 1839

I appreciate that this site has barely changed since I was in high school. There are some good ideas here like better submission process, shifting some link colors for readability, and adding HTTPS and IPv6 capability. Maybe a larger sense of reviewing and bringing a spotlight to smaller free software projects - it's always been a thing but could be approached more thoroughly. And maybe ask for ad-free subscriptions to help stabilize revenues. IRC chat for editorial.

Keep it old school and lightweight design, don't mess with it for the sake of it.

Comment yet the films are more unlocked than advertised (Score 1) 279

The world of decryption keys in film world is interesting . DCP films have decryption keys that work in a time window. ... they don't actually control how many times the film can be run. This means 'super restricted' digital prints can still get played overnight - and they definitely are.

These nightvision things are to keep management happy - they have thick contracts with studios so 'security theater' in the theater has to be applied.

I was in a early screening movie that had studio security parading around watching people with the scopes after collecting cell phones and wanding people, it was redonk especially since the key was still unlocked overnight - and the movie had a rebellious theme but more physical security than any other.

To deter inside jobs there is definitely watermarking now, it's hard to spot but actually sometimes you can, may be a series of dots around a corner rather than some more carefully hidden signal. (and there may be audio watermarking too, but i think with two clean audio captures from different sites you could diff it out).

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