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Journal HomelessInLaJolla's Journal: 140307 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v7.130) 1

War in La Jolla, seventh year, one hundred and thirtieth entry

Crystal Scripture Dot Pattern

How is the dot pattern of healing similar to interpretation of NMR spectroscopy? Reading the spectrograph may be simplified to three primary functions: peaks, noise, and significant moments. Conventions of thresholds and pattern books of play exist within the NMR community but, primarily, they are figuring out noise, looking for peaks, and arguing over (defining) significant moments. The gospels may be analogued similarly. The tree of Ham shows everything since Ham began reliably going to hell with all the rest, all of the methods and variations which became hard coded primary structure, a walking centerpiece in the middle of the community of witches going to hell. The entire world hangs on Ham's left arm (because, going to hell unless he happens to be the _one_ in the Etruscan tomb, he will never achieve the healing fast and show the dot pattern), asking Jesus what's wrong with his hand, and chases him down accusing him over his own dick. This is the culmination of slugging down Abel's nose and then sending forty idiots running forty different stories (which have been designed over thousands of years to abstractly culminate together during significant decision making situations)j blaming him for whatever situation could have possibly resulted in such an injury. Those people descended from cocktail party rainbowtard lineages rarely squeeze out enough alcohol to bother reading scripture, Hebrews similarly wonder why they would bother recounting the bottoms of their toes, but if you're under father Abram's line then the gospel of Matthew should result in,"Well, yeah, that's about the way that it runs. Get in the car, old chap, everybody does it. SEE YA!" If you would like to make some pleasant conversation over which way this or that could have gone if he had decided to balk at getting in the car at this or that time, we have the gospel of Mark for you. If you're working for much much much smaller money than all of that then perhaps you need a little more explanation in each scene, a few more words to help bring your understanding of the whole matter together, and Luke may be more appealing to you. If you feel scholarly and think you're going to go back and look at the references, perhaps not completely understand how the Talmud under a thouand is compressed to Moses around three hundred and then chopped down to Noah around one-fifty about the time Ninevah finally rolls up in all the corners and then Sodom and Gomorrah keeps working the sizes of the steps and the hidden push button controls with the chlorine pool cue shuffling to ratchet people to seventy or eighty, and then Tyre and Sidon's tricks and magic shows add special effects and knockouts to the earliest of years up to that, perhaps you don't feel like understanding the history of the world, but maybe you want to cross reference the earlier mentioned gospels and study how they correlate to the Jewish customs, Levitic teachings, and laws of Moses from which it is descended... we have the big long artistic gospel of John to show each and every scene to you in lng beatiful sweeping motions which demonstrate how many possible different ways it is to be "the one" in each and every scene.

You can be the one, playing with your tongue.
You can be the one, dancing by the door.
You can be the one, givin' them that look.
You can be the one, that doesn't do that (*psst* anymore)
You can be the one, to make a million bucks
You can be the one, to lost it maybe two
You can be the one, sent straight to the box
You can be the one, that everybody is lookin' to!
Don't be the one
Don't be the one
Don't be the one, the one, goin' to hell.
Water is wet
Gravity does weigh
The dome is on the top
and the sun goes that way every day
Please learn how to breathe
How to open up and breathe
How to squeeze through all the fats and work the cells
Don't be the one, don't be the one.
Don't be the one, the one, goin' to hell.
In every scene you could be the one
The one to strike it rich!
You could be the one
The one, goin' to hell.

In the gospels Moses and Elijah arrive and counsel Jesus. Moses tells him to keep stretching out his hand (have you seen my plagues, my boy?) and Elijah tells him,"Kid, if I would have gone for a walk longer than forty days, then maybe I woudn't have gotten in the car and come back as Elisha with a jar of aromatic nard." Jesus was positive that his religion had him scheduled to be a prophet on Monday right after he comes back. Jesus, all the DInah's starting investing in entire housing communities the day you walked out. How do they know Schechem is looking at Dinah? While Shechem is out in the field, she is the only one they keep marching in front of him. Nowadays it's all remote control.

Crystal Scripture Dot Pattern. If you could have a time delay lapse map of the dot healing pattern, along with my record of the days and the crystals I have picked up (and the entire record, if you could), and the daily scripture readings from that time, then you could probably figure it out yourself. Take the daily reading, with the daily healing dot pattern, and whatever artistic cut above crystal of the day (if applicable), maybe the weather report, and if you read that as a book (or perhaps in some compiled form), you could probably figure everything out on your own. Count by twelves along with it, even if you don't manage to put all the syllables in place (establish the Dr. Seuss rhythm in your brain). Every day's scripture gives you a set of syallables to be stuck with, similar to the "In which scene?" consideration for the gospel, every day's dot pattern gives a different area to have a distinct awareness of, especially if you're stuck in public all day long, and every crystla may have a different size shape color and setting, and sometimes the Dr. Seuss rhythm just makes you think of a different joke. The only question is... are you still going to hell?

Humankind's degradation. Lord, Lord, I am trapped in this terrarium with the dome above and hell down below. The lettuce is boxing me and the salad is stalking me trying to twist me into a dog and the phairies are chasing me like mad. So I ate the salad and the lettuce to keep it back, then I had to poop it out. By that time we had firepits with soap pokies, miracles, anvils, and blacksmiths with wires, and plenty of old soap pokies without hands, still poking soap, looking for magnetic north, and with plenty of incandescence, enough to fill a mine full of Christmas lights and pack even more lights into even old skins stuffed in the back of poorly located warehouses. So I tried to dry the poop on the wires, maybe churn it with the dirt and fertilize the soil and grow some of the trees back, but then it began to take on a life of its own! Did I not tell you that I made man from clay? AND THEY DID THE MASH! It got into all sorts of wars and arguments with itself (we were trying to train it to tighten up and achieve real humanity) and keeps shipping itself to hell, floating down in d'Nile and getting resewn together by devotedly blind eunuchs. Now it stays further away, but it is noisier, and it looks more like me. The problem is the same. Lord, Lord, I am stuck in this terrarium, under the dome, with hell down below. The lettuce (less than us) is boxing me and the salad (seven layers of human algae salad floating in d'Nile) is stalking me, trying to roll me into a dog, and the fairies are chasing me around like idiots all the time.

On the way... The humans were sticking their butts to the dome. They wanted to flip inside out and get something to play with. Because even they weren't the first ones squeezed out by life and espoused from the trees. They were the ones _trying_ to flip inside out and get something to play with, because Adam remembered that you need to get really really really hot (but forgot the importance of with soap, by working on it). So all he wanted to do was sit on the dome. Get more dry paper. He'll ge the methanol poisoning, what does he care? Sun's hot enough, he'll resurrect in place up the wa-zoo. The really really ancient ones (but not the first ones) were blind crazy all the time, from the methanol poisoning, descendants of that particular template of Adam's lineage, inside that frame of time of the history of this terrarium. They were devoted to getting hot, but with the excuse of "all I want to do is... get hot", they dreaded actually walking around and working on it, because that's what the leaf pickers do, and we know how long they've been doing it, long enough that we're lucky to have wings when we pass out and fall in our beds, and they still don't make it. By that time the leaf pickers had been on the job so long that they'd lost their parachute with the alcoholics more than once, and they were never working on it, really, enough to roll that back up, they'd rather have another drink at the end of the day and chase the griffon down to the dodo bird with the know-how drunks, 'cuz they're jealous of the ones that get to do nothing but sit and suck their ass to the roof all day long. The drunks chasing the griffons down to dodo birds (real life have feathers, fur is for polymorphs) are already getting lured down to hell where the phairies are waiting with the earliest of dogs. The methanol sickness is a bad turn for the humans when the trees (do talk when you let them grow up past three or four stories: when you landed on this planet, did you bring the chainsaws with you or was it all cut down by the people that magically died out and left it to you set up this way? Doesn't really matter, the phairies are waiting down below, Davey Jones' locker, the hollow-deck, the great grand glorious excavation, the butt-end of you) begin demanding that the humans figure out some way to end the madness... the judges sitting on the roof (yet hotter than the ones leakin' it from the blown parachute on the routes) never actually saw the event, and they cannot bear testimony against their breathren claiming to not have been the one to be stripping the trees. Levites similarly didn't actually see it, similary wish they could just go ahead and put the three thousand to the sword, but in modern days the (really) good Levites will thank you for the coffee compliment, ask if you would like hotcakes, the syrup is over there, would you like the butter with or without the salt?

Adam could still win, at that time, because he could resurrect in place. He wouldn't boil in place. He was accumulating boogers, not really working on it, not working on the left from the right (phairies are straightforward people, they don't breathe left from right very well, you top of the food chain supposedly intergalactic overlord stuck in a box, should keep working on it, instead you instellar son-of-a-bitch wrapped up in your own design pattern ready to unwind decided to give up your universal reputation for a chance to play with a stuffed conglomerate of four fishing poles with an old couch cushion and your own steam pressed clay primed with a few pieces)... so Adam could continue resurrect in place and shout down anybody that would question his judgment about the dogs. Adam was himself big on his own excuses, a junkie for sittin' in place and doin' nothin' because nobody ever makes it anyway and we're all stuck in this stupid dome and we all go to hell anyway and why can't he have something to play with wah wah wah... so if the people began cuttin' down more trees in retribution for the dogs, no big deal to him, keeps more other people sittin' on the dome so that he can hide in the crowd and sit there and brood. When the people sittin' on the dome wore out, then they went through a mental block, and became the people stayin' in the boxes, creating the first monastic unit structure, developing into the first monasteries attempting to help the communities of dwindling original ones, with more runtling offspring with voices which never drop, please, take in our odd son, put him on the numbers, try to get his voice to drop, our lines are running out, we'll pay our workers to move the stones from our lawn and garden and farm to your walls and improve your monastery. That's a good cvsupdate type cap to the running journal material on top of the URL linked book material at the top.

John is here at the library today. He has a class to assist many of the retirement community members (and other community members, but most grow up with cellular telephones with digital operating systems) working their way onto the internet and managing e-mail contact with family and friends long since moved to other cities and married to other people. John is a valuable asset in the computer lab.

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140307 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v7.130)

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