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Comment Re:Not a drone... (Score 1) 635

That makes every remote controlled aircraft a drone, it also removes any non flying vehicle from being called a drone, yet we have under water drones ( we have wheeled drones ( So in that way Wikipedia's definition is severely lacking. I believe the autonomous capabilities are required to move from rc device to drone.

Comment Re:better quotes form the linked article(s) (Score 1) 635

When did the 2nd Amendment have an age restriction.
No where is the right to bear arms restricted to militia aged men in the wording ( the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed ). I won't even argue with you about the militia requirement, but no where in the wording could it be construed to only apply to 18 - 45 year old men.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 635

The article does go into that,

"For that reason, the net assets of the funds are usually seen as a more stable indicator — those numbers show how much money is left over in the funds each year after the federal government takes care of various obligations, like payments to victims. Since this number can reflect monies taken over multiple calendar years, it's less comparable to the annual burglary statistics.

Still, even this more stable indicator hit $4.5 billion in 2014, according to the Institute for Justice — higher again than the burglary losses that year."

And that is just federal as the states suck at keeping records of abusing their citizens.

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