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Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 2) 125

Maybe if you read the article, seeing as how it does not claim "all of them"

"Human activity, including habitat loss, wildlife trade, pollution and climate change contributed to the declines."

And since when was the BBC World News a clickbait site? Seriously you make fucking ridiculous claims for someone who obviously never even bothered to learn anything more then they think they know.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 652

Your argument has a major flaw. You claim vaccines are a fraud, yet there are literally mountains of evidence that prove you wrong.

You are correct that the can'ts are a threat, but the more we can limit the number of vaccinated the stronger herd immunity becomes. The won'ts hurt this through a conscious decision, their only reason is they don't want to. Their selfishness puts more people at risk.
If you cannot understand why we forgive the ones who cannot be vaccinated and blame the ones who choose not to then you are probably the same kind of selfish ass who would choose not to.

Comment Contribution limits (Score 1) 636

"An individual may give a maximum of: $2,700 per election to a Federal candidate or the candidate's campaign committee.2 Notice that the limit applies separately to each election. Primaries, runoffs and general elections are considered separate elections. $5,000 per calendar year to a PAC."

Please explain how an individual can give such a large sum to a campaign and not violate the law?

Ok had to click through to the actual NYT article, it is split between a number of pacs and the campaign. So I guess I am to believe Trump won't be beholden to his few high ticket donors?

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