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Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 300

If you make the history visible all the time, it clutters up the layout and breaks the flow. I'm not really interested in seeing that at 11:35 EST J.Random Luser deleted an apostrophe and changed "there" to "they're" when it should have been "their" anyway.

Now if you don't make it visible all the time nobody will look at it, so it might as well not exist.

Comment Re: Don't you have to Ask to be Forgotten? (Score 1) 465

I don't know what your definition of "basic standard rules" is, but you can always cherry-pick a subset of rules and claim that reality doesn't obey them. Fact is, French spelling has a fuckton of rules but generally follows them. English has quite a lot of rules but the complexity comes from frequently breaking most of them. Italian and German are a doddle by comparison.

Comment Re: If this is true... (Score 1) 105

I legitimately wanted to know if there was any way for Mr Capone to have not been put away for tax evasion, that did not immediately give the feds all the info they needed to put him away for another reason.

Of course. Funnel his ill-gotten gains through a bunch of legitimate businesses, i.e. money laundering.

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1, Informative) 407

Second transaction = different contract. Entirely different thing to unilaterally changing the terms of an ongoing contract on DeVry.

Sorry, I meant on the fly. I have no idea at all, not even a little bit, as to what caused your post to make me think of such a bunch of ignorant fucktards. Must be a coincidence.

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