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Submission + - Using Existing Nuclear Waste, Scientists Say They Can Power The World Until 2083

An anonymous reader writes: A team of scientists at Transatomic Power, a nuclear reactor design company with affiliation to MIT, claim to have developed a highly-meltdown-resistant reactor that runs on nuclear waste. Though the reactor only exists on paper and Transatomic Power will still need to secure some $200 million in funding, their design for a "Waste-Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor" will convert high-level nuclear waste into electric power with extreme efficiency.

Submission + - Google glass will identify people by clothing ( 3

recoiledsnake writes: A new technology built into Google Glass, dug up by New Scientist, takes Google Glass from interesting to down right creepy. Google Glass can now pick a person out of crowd based on their fashion style. The system, InSight, developed in partnership with Google, will take a nice little moment to assess the clothing in frame, and then point out exactly where your friends are in busy settings like a bar, concert, or sporting event. It could probably point you out in a protest, or shopping mall too. We previously discussed the disorienting effects on the wearer of the device.

Submission + - Copyright Trolls Order Wordpress to Disclose Critics IP Addresses (

TrueSatan writes: Notorious copyright troll Prenda Law have sent a subpoena to Wordpress attempting to force the disclosure of all IP addresses related to two Wordpress hosted sites that specialise in monitoring and encouraging action against copyright trolling. The sites in question are and . These sites state their aims as "To keep the public and fellow victims informed and to ensure that through activism, trolls make as little money as possible."...aims which almost anyone bar a copyright troll, or lawyer acting for one, might well applaud.
  Prenda Law's demand is not for a subset of addresses that might have posted in a manner that could be construed as legally defamatory but for all IP addresses that have accessed these sites irrespective of the use made of them.
Prenda Law have filed three defamation lawsuits already against the individuals who run fightcopyrighttrolls and one has been dismissed

Dietrolldie release the following warning:

“As there is a possibility that a release could occur, the public IP address (date/time stamp) could fall into the hands of Prenda. I would expect that they would then try to cross-reference the IP address with their list of alleged BitTorrent infringement IP addresses,” .

“If you have ever gone to this site or since 1 January 2011, you may want to contact WordPress and tell them you want them to refuse this overly broad request and at least wait until the issue of the case being removed to the Federal court is answered, before releasing ANY information,” DTD concludes.

Feed Engadget: Ray Kurzweil becomes a Googler, named Director of Engineering (

Come December 18th, futurist extraordinaire Ray Kurzweil will be joining Google's ranks as Director of Engineering to work on projects that involve machine learning and language processing. Specifics regarding those projects, however, haven't yet surfaced. The technologist took the announcement to pat himself on the back about predicting the arrival of self-driving cars and smartphones that can answer questions more than a decade ago, and says he's "thrilled to be teaming up with Google to work on some of the hardest problems in computer science so we can turn the next decade's 'unrealistic' visions into reality." If things pan out how the Google greenhorn predicts, we might just see computers as crafty as Homo sapiens by 2029.

[Image credit: Ed Schipul]

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: KurzweilAI


Submission + - Degree Hack: US College student earns A.S. degree via transferred credit hours (

McGruber writes: The Chronicle of Higher Education ( has a web episode about Richard Linder, a US college student who was determined to do the impossible: earn a US college degree while not taking on any student debt.

Mr. Linder cobbled together an associate degree in liberal arts for a mere $3,000. He did it by transferring academic credits to Excelsior College (, a regionally accredited institution that doesn't require students to take any of its own courses.

Mr. Linder's earned his transferred credit hours from an array of unexpected sources: from high school Advanced Placement courses ( to classes taught by the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( and the National Fire Academy ( He even managed to get 1 credit hour from Microsoft (


Submission + - Windows Blue: Microsoft's plan to release a new version of Windows every year (

MrSeb writes: "Way back in August, three months before the release of Windows 8, we learnt about the existence of a project at Microsoft codenamed Blue. At the time it wasn’t clear whether this was Windows 9, or some kind of interim update/service pack for Windows 8. Now, if unnamed sources are to be believed, Windows Blue is both of those things: a major update to Windows 8, and also the beginning of a major shift that will result in a major release of Windows every 12 months — just like Apple’s OS X. According to these insiders, Blue will roll out mid-2013, and will be very cheap — or possibly even free, to ensure that “Windows Blue the next OS that everyone installs.” Exact details are still rather vague, but at the very least Blue will make “UI changes” to Windows 8. The sources also indicate that the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 SDKs will be merged or standardized, to further simplify the development of cross-platform apps. Perhaps more important, though, is the shift to a 12-month release cadence. Historically, Microsoft has released a major version of Windows every few years, with the intervening periods populated with stability — and security-oriented service packs. Now it seems that Microsoft wants to move to an OS X-like system, where new and exciting features will be added on an annual basis. In turn, Microsoft will drop the price of these releases — probably to around $25, just like OS X."

Submission + - On Brink of War in Idaho: readying Titan I missiles during Cuban Missile Crisis ( 1

Lasrick writes: The Bulletin has two first-person accounts of military personnel readying missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis (50 years ago this month): former US Air Force Col. Charles G. Simpson describes his efforts to prepare new Titan I missiles based in Idaho for use during the CMC — as his wife prepared to give birth to a new son. Retired Soviet Col. Valery Yarynich also provides his personal account at a Soviet rocket corps base in the Ural Mountains: Really great companion pieces

Submission + - Amateur programmer needs your opinion ( 3

gagol writes: "Dear slashdotters. After following and failing gracefully due to relatively poor statistics skills, I started a small library project called libguess, to enable computers to guess when exact text is not found in a given set of commands. Statistical analysis of only the most relevant valid words insure predictable performance with dictionaries of any size.

Since I have no formal training in engineering and always worked in marketing (I know, I am evil ;-), I would like to have your collective opinion of it to help me progress in my open source hobby.

To try the demo program: download and compile the library, install the shared object manually and run the demo (linux build with source code, should compile pretty much anywhere but untested)."


Submission + - New Gadget Forces You to Abandon Your Gadgets (

pigrabbitbear writes: "You plug your Personal Energy Orb into a computer, and it launches a ticker that monitors how long you’ve been in front of the screen. As the PEO loses power, it slows down the responsiveness of your CPU, until it becomes unbearable. So, to recharge the PEO, you’ve got to exercise. Toss the orb on your bike, ride around until it turns green, and your computer will snap back into regular speeds."

Submission + - The world's first 3D-printed gun ( 1

MrSeb writes: "An American gunsmith has become the first person to construct and shoot a pistol partly made out of plastic, 3D-printed parts. The creator, who goes by the name HaveBlue and is an AR-15/M16 enthusiast, has reportedly fired 200 rounds with his part-plastic pistol without any sign of wear and tear. HaveBlue’s custom creation is a .22-caliber pistol, formed from a 3D-printed AR-15 (M16) lower receiver, and a normal, commercial upper. In other words, the main body of the gun is plastic, while the chamber — where the bullets are actually struck — is solid metal. While this pistol obviously wasn’t created from scratch using a 3D printer, the interesting thing is that the lower receiver — in a legal sense at least — is what actually constitutes a firearm. This means that people without gun licenses — or people who have had their licenses revoked — could print their own lower receiver and build a complete, off-the-books gun."

Submission + - Why you shouldn't write off Google+ just yet (

TheNextCorner writes: "Cmdr Taco write for The Washington Post on "Why you shouldn't write off Google+ just yet.

"Google+ is technically better than its rivals in a number of key ways. The user interface is comfortable and friendly. It’s easy to maintain circles of contacts, and to segregate what you share with each group. Discussions of small-to-medium sizes are manageable and readable — even in real time. Facebook wins when it comes to the open graph and app ecosystem, but a lot of people don’t care about that stuff.""

Submission + - RBS CEO claimed to give misleading statement about offshored bank failure. (

rtfa-troll writes: The multi-day failure of the computers at the Royal Bank of Scotland has now been directly linked to the hiring of 'Inexperienced' staff in Hyderabad. In their exclusive article about the RBS failure the Register say that this was caused by one of the inexperienced new hires who replaced the recently fired 30 year experienced UK team.

The Register's article shows that, during the oursourcing, recruitment requests in India asked for less than 1/3 of the typical experience of the team which was got rid of. This directly contradicts the CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland who gave a statement that "I have no evidence of that. The IT centre — our main centre, we’re standing outside here in Edinburgh, [is] nothing to do with overseas". If the Register's article is true it would suggest remarkable ignorance on the part of the CEO who should have been fully informed about a disaster of this level within hours of it's occurrence and certainly a week later.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft is doing its own glasses like Google - Kinect Glasses (

An anonymous reader writes: A 56-page leaked document details Microsoft's plans to build a Project Glass competitor. Kinect Glasses is marked as a 2014 project designed to connect to a future Xbox 720 console. The document also includes potential pricing for the next Xbox — $299 with a Kinect 2.

Submission + - Politicians get 9 year old's blog shutdown, in retaliation for criticism ( 5

thej1nx writes: "Fed up of the frequently unhealthy lunches with limited salad options, provided by her School catering service/local council, nine year old Martha Payne from Argyll in Scotland started a cheeky blog, where she posted photos of her daily school meals and rated them. The blog gained quick worldwide attention, gathering over 2 million hits in just 2 months, with school children from around the world sending photos of their own lunches. The resulting public attention on its nutrition lacking food, shamed the local council into changing the skimpy unappetizing meals for healthier ones, after an initial month-long food fight with her.
Yesterday, the council finally retaliated by pulling her out of class and forcing her to shutdown her blog by informing her that she had been banned from taking photographs of the meals, due to the unflattering headlines appearing in the newspapers.
The 9 year old Martha had also started leveraging the blog by asking her followers to donate to a charity called Mary’s Meals that funds school food in Africa, and starting off herself by sending £50 that she got from a magazine that reprinted some of her photos. The effort which had raised £2000 so far, was also thus nipped down in its buds, by the vengeful council."

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