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Submission + - Package Management System for Windows: CoApp (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft's Garrett Serack has started a new project called the Common Opensource Application Publishing Platform. It aims to bring a package management system for open source applications to the Windows platform. Garrett writes on his blog, 'Listen up folks, this stuff is big. Today, I’m announcing the beginning of a project that intends to bring a little joy into the hearts of Open Source aficionados on the Windows Platform. The biggest challenge to using/building/maintaining many Open Source applications on Windows, is that Windows does a lot of things differently than Linux and Unix . Different filesystems, command lines, APIs, user experiences well, pretty much everything. Regardless of personal opinions about it being the ‘right-way’ or ‘wrong-way’, it suffices to say that it is just simply different. In order to build an Open Source application like PHP for Windows from scratch, I need to have a collection of libraries created from a fair number of different projects. This creates a dependency between the code that I’m working on—PHP—and the project that supplies the library that I need. ' More information is available at CoApp's Launchpad page and the CoApp wiki.

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