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Comment The publisher responds... (Score 1) 4

It get's better. This is what one person from the publisher thinks about finding the book in Google's cache: "We will ask Google to remove the cache although the chances of anyone finding the book on the cache are slim. We do not believe there has been any loss to you from the book being available in such a limited form."

Comment More details about the "free" access site (Score 1) 4

Access to books via the site is still not protected. Not only can you download our book, but also books from other authors ( shows all BioConductor related books by Robert Gentlemen with unrestricted access to the copyrighted PDFs). The text has also been added to Google's index ( gives a link to a chapter of our book). Furthermore, the PDFs made available via this site have no restrictions when looking at security settings in the PDF's document properties.

Submission + - Copyrighted material accessible via publisher 4

Hinrich writes: Together with a colleague I have written a science book ( We have just noticed that likely due to a configuration error the complete book has become freely accessible via one of the publisher's domains ( For example, accessing the first chapter can be done via Similarly will give you the second chapter. Looking at the discussion about the money people have to pay for downloading copyrighted music I wonder how to deal with your publisher in such a situation?

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