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Comment Didn't RTFA but - requires support from games (Score 2, Interesting) 138

Here's the thing that all these multimonitor solutions (including matrox's triple head to go, etc.) Most games are written with one eyepoint. For dual head or triple head to work properly, you have to have multiple eyepoints. Each monitor is like a window into the virtual world. If you're wanting to get a straight ahead view and two side views, say at 45 degrees, you need 3 eyepoints, one looking straight ahead, one looking 45 deg to the left, one 45 deg to the right. Games don't do that. They think they're rendering to 1 display, one eyepoint. Then these multi-display solutions take that one image and spread it accross multiple monitors. That's why it never looks right. People have found good uses for the extra monitor space, say in a flight sim dragging your instrument panels to the other monitors, or in WoW using a viewport mod and putting all your addons on the other monitors, etc. It's nice that there are now 3 and 6 channel cards from ATI. Just need games to support them properly. But until games support multiple eyepoints it won't be working like what we want. Supreme Commander 1 does support 2 independent eyepoints in 2 monitor full screen mode, but it's an RTS.

Comment Re:Hey, how about you concentrate on the *comedy*? (Score 1) 150

I was a huge fan of the series, but those movies were pretty atrocious. I'm not sure if they went with different writers, or maybe they were just off their game, but I sure hope the new season gets the old groove back.

They weren't as good because they were feature-length movies. The 20-something minutes of a TV comedy series often doesn't translate well into a movie-length narrative. 20-something minutes is a good amount of time to explore a particular scenario, you end up just stretching it too thin over a couple of hours.

Comment Re:Procecute "unwittingly roped"? (Score 1) 215

How many checks do you cash for people you don't know? Legally?

If you do, can you take this package for me over to Australia, I will pay your plane fare?

He, if you don't look in the box, how could you get in trouble, you didn't know there was a dead head in there, or drugs, or plutonium.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 247

Since our last "grammar" reform, new rules brang both closer; that separation might be unneeded from now on.

It's not a grammatical reform, it's an orthographical reform (spelling). In my opinion, it's rather useless, seeing as both countries will still have important grammatical and especially vocabulary differences.

It may be possible to write valid Portuguese for both countries, but it'll still be necessary to localize for anything but single words.

Comment Two different market segments (Score 4, Insightful) 457

I dropped 300 bucks for my netbook last year on a whim. I had a pretty burly laptop at the time...then the nVidia sli bug kicked in and fried my video cards. I had nothing else and I had another project come up, so I took my netbook in and used it for development (obviously hooked it up to a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.). Worked like a charm for me. And I do a lot of .NET development and SQL stuff, but that little Atom processor and the 2GB of RAM was plenty enough for my needs (and actually, I was able to catch a timing bug that I couldn't replicate on a higher end Win7 notebook, but I digress).

See, I can get actual WORK done on a netbook. I can do paperwork, make website edits, do a whole lot of other things without having to lug around (or pay for) a much more expensive high end laptop...and I don't see myself replacing that netbook with a bigger laptop anytime soon unless I'm stuck using higher end systems for a client. If I need to do something really high end, I use my desktop at home or whatever a client dumps on my desk for work purposes. Otherwise, the netbook is all I'd need...the only real reason I had my old laptop was for gaming, and I'm better off doing that on my desktop at home anyway.

The problem that a lot of folks have with understanding why tablets just aren't that much a threat to netbooks is that netbooks and tablets sate two different market segments. Tablets are fun, show-off things that you use to waste time (though just like netbooks, they really suck for gaming). But you can actually get work done on a netbook and a good one will cost you less, too. Sorry, tablet fans, but that's how it is. They may be super cool to you and you think that you paid 500 bucks for a great thing, but you know in your heart that you paid 500 bucks for a goof-off device.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 511

The purpose of introduction the Y is to increase the colour gambit. Theoretically, more colors = more "realistic" images. I think that if you can notice the difference between a picture and the actual object (not in terms of dimension, but in therms of the actual colors) then it's likely that a larger colour gambit would be beneficial.

Comment Re:If there was a cheap and legal service .... (Score 1) 370

However cheap it gets, you always hear the cries of "not cheap enough". The only exception was probably AllOfMP3, but then those guys were setting the price as they saw fit, and not paying artists a dime (in practice).

From personal experience, it seems that the desirability of using "cheap and legal services" stems not so much from their availability, as from availability of money in one's pocket. I torrented all kinds of things in huge quantities as a student, but when I started to earn a decent living for myself (writing commercial boxed software, no less), it just feels unethical and cheap - pardon the pun - to keep doing so.

Convenience does play a big part in it, but only once there is some consideration given to the idea of spending money in the first place.

Comment Re:The problem is that iPad is not a computer (Score 1) 850

The cause and effect are reversed in your reasoning. Apps aren't restricted on iPad because it's not a general-purpose computer. Rather, it's not a general-purpose computer because apps are restricted on it - what other difference is there?

Once we get there, it takes one small step to understand that desktop OS X can be castrated in a same way, and all of a sudden your iMac or PowerBook also becomes an "appliance". But it's all just sophistry. It's a locked-down device in a category which hasn't, historically, been locked down. Therefore, it's a major step back for user and developer freedom.

Comment Re:I believe the 80% figure (Score 1) 459

Most People without jailbroken phones won't bother because your app is not recommended by friends and they cannot try it ...

Most People with a jailbroken phone will try anything .... and most gets deleted very quickly

The same goes for PC and console games, if people have the option to try it for free they will try many many games ... if not they will very carefully choose (and still get stung with crap games occasionally)

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