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Comment Re: Applying tort to patents (Score 1) 455

Bombastinator, I fully follow you and appreciate your detailed analysis. I have a side question : could it be imaginable that someone would sue Apple for having prevented others to use the patented idea, say, "preventing lifes to be saved by preventing the application of this idea by others"?
That's this "preventing others to save lifes" that picks me.
But probably the same answer you detail would apply...

Comment Fairphone succeeded in this (Score 2) 78

The current, last-generation Fairphones are not only fully modular, but all the bits can be dismounted with a single normal screwdriver, and each part can be replaced separately in case of failure (and of course, the battery too).
My understanding is Fairphone, who started from a more compact model (which I own), evolved this way profiting from the trend to enlarge devices (bigger screens) : this allowed them to design element interfaces that otherwise wouldn't have fit in smaller models.
And IMHO that was a very wise move : they basically brought the design back to Europe (from China) way before being, er... tweeted to do so...
My only issue with this model is its cost (some 500€, twice the previous model).
As the thing is very recent there are not many alternate elements for now (I hear about better cameras, saw a breadboard for a large USB slot allowing the use of these hardware-key-dongles...)
But it definitely is a Lego-like phone (inside!), comes optionally rooted and optionally with Sailfish OS instead of Android, two SIM slots... almost a dream come true for me...
And my experience with the earlier Fairphone1 is excellent.

Comment Re:Pride goeth before a fall (Score 1) 139

(...) "Go is so much more complex than chess, so it will never be mastered by a machine".

I am not this old, but I *perfectly* remember having owned a book on computing that addressed the same topic 30 years ago with the previous-level example: "tick-tac-toe is lost to the AI but chess is so much more complex, so it will never be mastered..." :-)

Comment Re:Another alternative: TUXEDO Computers (Score 1) 288

I am in contact with you on the site and preparing a switch, but one thing I didn't manage to track is the keyboard flavors on the lightest models (I mean the 1.4Kg 'Infinitybooks' and their 15' counterparts).
Contrary to most other models where one can select the keyboard language easily on the description page, on these supercompact aluminium frames I don't see a way to, for instance, get a french AZERTY keyboard, short of... dismounting keys?
Any info on this would be very significant to help my choice...

Other than this the spec comparison with the new macbook is refreshing :-)

One last thing : while you do commit on a variety of Linux flavors that are selectable straight upon ordering, I don't see LinuxMint in the list. Other than on the (german) support newsgroup, is there some data about Mint?


Comment indeed Tuxedo (Score 1) 288

I see some mentioned Syst76 (whose machines aren't delivered to Europe), but missing here I think are Zareason, ThinkPenguin and more prominently Tuxedo indeed. All of them sell you configuration with Linux pre-installed and working out of the box.
Starting there for instance:
One can check spec-for-spec against the latest Apple gear (and easily can overpass all of them)
This is basically what I intend to switch to, in January...

Comment new Jolla not yet with Andro apps IIRC (Score 1) 98

From the Jolla forums, and also the discussions on the Fairphone forums (as the Fairphone 2 does support Jolla Sailfish OS as an alternative to Android), I understand that the machine that allowed android apks to run inside Jolla in their earlier phone hardware is not any more present in the current v2 of the OS.
Now, maybe they managed to convince the former (independent) developers of the said machine to join again, or maybe this happened very recently.
Or this announcement will motivate them :-)
An entrypoit for checking :

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