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Submission + - Poll: Browser PKI provides users with... 1

arglebargle_xiv writes: - An effective defence against phishing attacks
- Better than nothing at all
- More security theatre than the TSA
- A protection racket to keep CAs in business

Submission + - Academia not amused by Neanderthal lawsuit 3

tcpiplab writes: "The civil class action suit "H. neanderthalensis v. H. sapiens, et al" (where collection from any positive judgment will be held in trust pending DNA verification of co-defendants based on percentages of h. neanderthalensis DNA and mDNA) has gained "pre-litigation" status at the Permanent Court of International Justice, sometimes called the World Court, in The Hague, Netherlands.
          Litigants seek to be awarded "reparations, to be held in trust, in kind or property" for what they claim was the "coordinated dislocation, displacement and extinction [of] H. neanderthalensis at the will of and supervision of H. sapiens" from mainland Europe, where H. neanderthalensis was the "primary occupant and predator...prior to the African exodus and subsequent and consequent incursion by H. sapiens."
          "We're proving a point here, striking a blow for victims of Speciesism, currently at a historical high point. We're sending a message to future generations that extragenus branching is not mutation and is not justification for destruction of a subspecies or sister-species", said Dr. Hans Guerder, advocate general for Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Law & Justice, based in Hamburg, Germany.
          Controversy, incredulity, and Internet parodies have dogged the group since their 2005 filing at The World Court in The Hague. The very idea that such a potentially massive financial judgment, â100 Billion — however remote the possibility of an award — has attracted numerous special interest groups as well as criticism from governments, academia, and even the normally quiet world of paleoarcheology.
        Herbert Schuman, professor of archeology and geological history at UniversitÃt Heidelberg in Heidelberg, Germany is not amused, "This is an affront to an important and serious evolutionary avenue of research and historical investigation. The idea that there exists a pecuniary value to life, the life of any species, prior to monetization of property, let alone the invention of money, is outrageous and a wasteful distraction from the real funding challenges that [Neanderthal] research and exploration is facing today. It's an insult."
          But Dr. Schuman may have to wait a long time for the furor in the scientific and legal communities to fade away. The newly emerging bioancestry market, where anyone can mail a cheek swab containing their DNA to a company who will research the geographic and ethnic origin of their heritage, has been growing at an estimated 800% per year.
          Dr. Guerder's office is already receiving calls from potential "plaintiffs".
Berlin Free Legal Journal, Thursday, 17 September, 2009"

Submission + - Slashdot makes Virginia Terrorist Threat List (

An anonymous reader writes: A leaked PDF of the 2009 Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment lists Slashdot, YouTube, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Something Awful, Fark, 4chan, 711chan, 420chan, and IRC channels as gathering points for domestic terrorists (Page 45).

You may already be a terrorist. Yeah, I'm looking at you Anonymous Coward.

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