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Comment Loot accumulation vs universal basic income (Score 1) 1145

Yes - much better to have absolutely no minimum income for all persons so that we can have actual starving children living under bridges while the rich fat cat 1 percent of the world's population continues to accumulate loot an an even greater pace.

There is only so much loot that the 1 percent can accumulate before there is simply not enough left for all persons to have a warm dry house, healthy food, reasonable clothing, and a good education.

We've already passed that point so it's no wonder the rich fat cats don't like this policy.

Comment This reaction from privileged men tells me. . . (Score 1) 776

This reaction from privileged men tels me that the film is absolutely necessary and bang on target for helping to bring Hollywood into a more balanced approach to telling stories with strong female lead characters.

Hollywood has a huge anti-woman bias in it's hiring practises and in the sorts of films it makes.

Comment Bad move - will cost people more money! (Score 1) 324

This is a bad move and will force people away from using Mozilla because it will mean a Joe Citizen wanting to have a website will need to purchase SSL certificates - at significantly greater cost than the hosting cost of the web host that supplies the web hosting capability.

I understand the rationale, but very bad move!

Comment Will they keep the blue e logo? (Score 1) 153

I'm thinking that, just like each succeeding version of MS Windows was based on the same actual code base just with changes, so too will MSE be essentially MSIE under the hood PERHAPS with some cosmetic changes to make people think it's different.

Microsoft Internet Explorer by any other name is still Microsoft Internet Explorer. I suspect that they're trying - desperately trying - to dump the poor reputation their browser has but I really doubt they would want to write the software completely from scratch like Mozilla did when they went from Netscape 4.x to Netscape 6. That was a massive job that took many years before it was good.

Comment What _should_ be the decision (in my view). . . (Score 1) 173

In my view the decisions should be:
1) What are the remedies for breach of the terms of the GPLv2?
Answer: Either the offender is to cease distributing the offending software (binary or otherwise) AND the code in question is to be completely and entirely removed from the offending product, or some other solution at the discretion of the Free Software Foundation (including but not limited to the offender entirely ceasing to distribute the offending software.

2) What is a "distribution" under the GPLv2 that triggers the obligations under the GPLv2?
Answer: Any transmission of the software in binary or object code, or any other format where the availability of the software (binary or object code) passes into the control of a person other than the owner of the software.

3) Does the GPLv2 include a patent license?
Answer: No. Software is mathematics and therefore is not patentable.

4) What type of integration between proprietary code and GPLv2 licensed code will result in creating a "derivative work" and subject such proprietary code to the terms of the GPLv2?
Answer: All integration in any way other than an API call to a fully separate self-contained program should result in the integrated code being covered by the GPLv2 license.

Isn't there a separate license for covering situations where people might want to distribute GPL and non-GPL software as a part of a package?

Comment Why should "Azure" be any different? (Score 1) 167

Nothing abnormal here. Sounds like regular Microsoft availability to me.
All Microsoft servers require regular (at least monthly) patching to keep them secure.
All Microsoft products require regular restarting to keep them available and performing correctly when you want them.
Why should "Azure" be any different?

Comment The worst effect of lower crude oil prices is..... (Score 1) 554

lower commodity fuel prices, which has the even worse effect of.....

not so stupidly high petrol prices at petrol stations.

Oil tycoons won't be making such gratuitous profits and governments not creaming off as much in tax. We can't have petrol prices under $2.20 a litre (perhaps $1.20 would be nice) now can we!

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