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Comment Re:Bullets will not win this conflict (Score 1) 868

But this is a conflict that will NEVER be won with bullets or walls. It will be won with cooperation and discussion and genuine caring about others.

I agree, it will not be won with bullets.

But Israel is right now, in a situation where its civilian population is being bombarded with rockets.

Do you really expect Israel to not respond?
What kind of response do you think is appropriate?

Mind you, that Israel is in no position for an "experiment". And what I mean is, Israel can't just "try something out" and see if it works.. like, stop defending itself and give Hamas chocolates and flowers. Because, unlike the USA, if the experiment fails, Israel has a tiny strip of land to survive in. If we lose that, we loose everything. the USA on the other hand, has so much land, that it can risk certain small parts of it. (Of course, hell would freeze over before the US would give up any of its land - and rightly so!) If you're in Israel's shoes, you can't take big risks when EVERYTHING is on the line. And it *is* everything.

Comment Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

I can understand why you feel this way. In fact, if I wasn't Israeli or had my entire family and life invested in Israel, I would be tempted to feel the same. Fuck them, why do I care, right?. I do not have that privilege though.

However, the situation as you present it, is really not that simple.

The reason I'm commenting, is just to clarify a point that was implied in your text:

The Israel Palestinian conflict is really, not hundreds of years old. It's in fact, just about 50 years old now.

Palestinians, didn't really exist as a "people" trying to form their own country and government, before 1967. In fact, you can easily trace most of them to Egypt and Saudi-Arabia.

Jews, on the other hand, have thousands of years old connection to the land. There are historical artifacts, found all across Israel with Hebrew writings on them, and indeed most of Jewish history can be traced back to Greater Israel.

As an Israeli, I'm telling you that it's not true that we want to keep fighting. We're all tired from it. We rather spend our money on economic growth.

The sad reality, is that we have a "neighbour" that is so extreme and hell bent on our extermination, that we have no choice but to continue defending ourselves.

It's very easy to say: Hey, you must be enjoying the situation or else you'd sort it out by now.

But it's really, only true if there is a partner for peace on both sides. There isn't at the moment.

Comment Re:Radicalization (Score 2, Insightful) 868

Please read the Hamas (aka the elected government of the palestinians) charter:


Selected quotes:

"The time(16) will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: 0 Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad(17), which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim)(18)."

"Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims."

Comment Re:No innocents here (Score 2, Informative) 868

The people in Gaza are not Israeli citizens.
Israel does not control the civilian population in Gaza since it withdrew out of the Gaza strip in 2005.

Since I'm sure you'll mention the naval blockade, So for your information, the blockade was enacted in June 2007, when the Palestinians elected a terrorist organization (Hamas) to lead them, and started firing rockets in to Israel.

Btw, right after their election, Hamas eradicated PLO members from the Gaza strip (which were *relatively* moderate muslims), through a series of violent clashes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F...

Submission + - World's Most Efficient Dataflow Supercomputer at UK govt lab (maxeler.com)

girlphyn writes: The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Maxeler are collaborating in a project funded by the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills to install the next generation of supercomputing technology in a new facility at the Daresbury Laboratory focusing on energy efficient computing research. The supercomputer will offer orders of magnitude improvement in performance and efficiency. The new MPC-X supercomputer will be available in Summer 2014 and will allow UK industry and academia to develop products and services based on MPC data analytics engines for applications domains such as medical imaging and healthcare data analytics, manufacturing, industrial microscopy, large scale simulations, security, real-time operations risk, and media/entertainment.
The dataflow supercomputer will feature Maxeler developed MPC-X nodes capable of an equivalent 8.52TFLOPs per 1U and 8.97 GFLOPs/Watt, a performance per Watt that tops the Green500 today. MPC-X nodes build on the previous generation technology from Maxeler deployed at JP Morgan where real-time risk computation equivalent to 12000 x86 cores was achieved in 40U of dataflow engines

Comment Manipulative headline (Score 5, Insightful) 102

The title implies that we should abandon gas as an alternative to diesel/petrol.

This is done by falsely implying that pollution due to methane leaks are an inherit part of the drilling process.

Instead, what we should really do is improve the drilling techniques to avoid/minimize leakage.

Submission + - OpenSPL - Moving development from the temporal to the spatial

spookyinc writes: Taken from the site: OpenSPL is an open standard for a novel Spatial Programming Language. It is based on the core concept that a program executes in space, rather than in time sequence. All operations are assumed to be parallel unless specified to be sequential. This is similar to a factory floor where all operations execute in parallel, but each operation executes a different part of the overall process. Temporal Programming is a recipe for the execution of actions, whereas Spatial Programming builds a factory to execute the recipe. More information available here

Comment Mysterious quantum mechanical connection? (Score 1, Interesting) 186

I am not a physicist.

But I keep hearing that there is actually nothing mysterious about entanglement at all... Something along the lines of:

You post 2 envelopes containing cards in opposite directions, one with a printed letter A, the other card with the letter B.

At one destination, the envelope is opened to reveal the letter A. ... then through some mysterious quantum mechanical connection.... you know that the envelope at the remote destination contains the letter B.

And that's about all there is to entanglement....

Can any physicist confirm?

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