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Submission + - Fanboys and trolls are the cancer killing Free Software ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Martin Gräßlin, the maintainer of the KWin window manager, writes an informative blog post about his experiences with the less favorable pockets of the Free Software community:

Years ago I had a clear political opinion. I was a civil-rights activist. I appreciated freedom and anything limiting freedom was a problem to me. Freedom of speech was one of the most important rights for me. I thought that democracy has to be able to survive radical or insulting opinions. In a democracy any opinion should have a right even if it’s against democracy. I had been a member of the lawsuit against data preservation in Germany. I supported the German Pirate Party during the last election campaign because of a new censorship law. That I became a KDE developer is clearly linked to the fact that it is a free software community.

But over the last years my opinion changed. Nowadays I think that not every opinion needs to be tolerated. I find it completely acceptable to censor certain comments and encourage others to censor, too. What was able to change my opinion in such a radical way? After all I still consider civil rights as extremely important. The answer is simple: Fanboys and trolls.

Submission + - Gnome 3.8 Takes a Step Backwards with Classic Mode ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Dieter Schmitz of the Linux Advocates writes a poignant review of what he finds is lacking in the latest Gnome 3.8 in Fedora 18:

Today, I thought I would try Gnome 3.8 on Fedora 18. My session was short-lived. After I went through making the extension additions and tested the Desktop, I was left feeling disappointed. I said to myself, this is not classic in the remotest sense of the word.

So, while Gnome may have you believe they are listening to users, I will tell you that they have moved backwards with 3.x so much that I think the whole project should be scrubbed and rewritten starting at 2.34.

That's how badly I feel about what has happened. Sorry but I have to truthful. It is kludgy and awful.


Submission + - University of Hawaii partnership wth Google being challenged (

An anonymous reader writes: A recent move by the University of Hawaii forcing all students and faculty to migrate their independent university email accounts to Google has raised serious questions, prompting one student to file a complaint with the US Dept. of Education, with senior faculty questioning both the implementation and scope of this partnership.

Submission + - Android fans: pay for your apps, please ( 2

Barence writes: "Android users need to spend more on apps if the platform is to have a long-term future, according to PC Pro's Mike Jennings.

The blog highlights how developers are questioning their support for Android, given the higher than average levels of piracy on the platform and the reluctance of many users to pay for apps.

"Plenty of people love Android but, conversely, plenty of its biggest fans seem to show their allegiance by resisting the urge to support some of its best software and most talented developers," writes Jennings. "If that continues, there might not be much of a platform left to exploit. It’s a worst-case scenario, but it’s easy to prevent: next time you feel like pirating rather than forking out less than the cost of a sandwich, reconsider. Your favourite phone platform might depend on it.""


Submission + - Mistreated Foxconn Brazil Workers Threaten Strike (

An anonymous reader writes: More bad news comes from Apple's iDevice manufacturing partner Foxconn that is sure to ruffle the feathers of Apple fans. From the story:

Factory workers at a Foxconn plant in Jundiaí, Brazil are complaining of overcrowded buses, poor food and a lack of water and have threatened to strike unless the issues are resolved by May 3. According to a report by Brazil's Tech Guru (Google Translation), over 2,500 Foxconn employees have complained about conditions at the factory. Workers reportedly met last Monday to raise the concerns and have given the company 10 days to address them.


Submission + - Amazon Launches Own Android App Store - Hot News (

An anonymous reader writes: The Amazon App store is set to launch very soon. Amazon are offering a great deal to Android developers at the moment. They will waiver the $99 program annual fee if you hurry.

Amazon do have proven marketing and merchandizing experience. The convenience of using an exisiting account will make it really stimple and easy for customers to purchase and down apps to their PCs and mobile devices.

Submission + - French Differ with Google on Fair Use (

mr crypto writes: Google Loses in French Copyright Case : From the article: PARIS (Reuters) — A Paris court on Friday found the Internet giant Google guilty of violating copyright by digitizing books and putting extracts online, following a legal challenge by French publishers.

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