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Submission + - What to do about yellow urine?

An anonymous reader writes: Dear Slashdot, I have been told that if my pee is yellow that is bad. I hear that drinking more water will help fix this issue? What do you think about this? Are there any other tricks or tips that you can provide on how you keep your urine from being yellow?

Submission + - Linus htes GitHub pull requests. (

An anonymous reader writes: In a rant that caused heated argument Linus extolls his reasoning for not accepting GitHub pull requests:

github throws away all the relevant information, like having even a valid email address for the person asking me to pull. The diffstat is also deficient and useless.
Git comes with a nice pull-request generation module, but github instead decided to replace it with their own totally inferior version. As a result, I consider github useless for these kinds of things. It's fine for *hosting*, but the pull requests and the online commit editing, are just pure garbage.

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