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Comment Talk to HR and only use HR as a reference (Score 2, Insightful) 675

I'm assuming this is your manager making the threat and there is a separate HR department. If so then go to HR with your concern and only provide the HR person as your reference (which you should do anyways).

If not then I'd ask your new job if you can start sooner and explain the situation. You don't NEED to work a 2 week notice, it's nice that you are willing to do so but if they are not going to be happy with just a 2 week notice then give them nothing. I'd certainly not ask the new job to delay your start date, your obligation is to them now ,not your old job.

Comment Re:Been there, done that (Score 1) 1123

very true i find that i've finally reached my limit in the quality of jobs i can get with my education (4 year degree in a non IT field 2 year IT degree). so i have to either start being self employed or got some more education (or be cozy knowing i no longer have any upward mobility)


Submission + - Shall we contact tech support?

AXIGEN Team writes: "Do we need technical support? And if we do, when exactly do we need it and which is the most appropriate support channel? The article describes the situations one might run into, the available choices when it comes to getting technical assistance and a few tips for improving communication in such situations. ch-support_13.html"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Zoo puts humans on display

MollyB writes: "A story appeared on Yahoo announcing that "An Australian zoo has put a group of humans on display to raise awareness about primate conservation — with the proviso that they don't get up to any monkey business."
On the face of it, this seems ridiculous, but perhaps some slashdotters would like to volunteer, if they could afford the air fare (and didn't live there already).
Also, from the article, "Audiences can vote for their favorite "ape" via mobile phone text messages, in the style of reality television shows, and at the end of the month, a "super human" will be selected to represent the zoo." This smacks of publicity-stunt, in spite of the 'scientific' nature of the exhibit."

What Makes Software Development So Hard? 567

lizzyben writes to mention that CIO Insight is running a short piece that takes a look at why the rocky culture of software development continues to exist despite all of the missed deadlines, blown budgets, and broken promises. From the article: "I was not really looking or thinking about big software projects. I was just coming out of my experiences at Salon, where we built a content management system in 2000, which was painful. I was one of the people in charge of it, and when the dust cleared, I thought, I don't really know that much about software development. Other people must have figured it out better than I have; I must go and learn. So I started reading, and talking to people, and realized it's a big subject and an unsolved problem. And the bigger the project, the harder the problem."

Submission + - Google Tops 100 Best Places to Work For

inetsee writes: "Forbes Magazine reports that Fortune Magazine has released their 10th annual "100 Best Companies to Work For" list and Google is at number 1. Some highlights of the benefits of working for Goolge that caught my eye were the free gourmet meals and the massages. The chance to spend 20% of your time working on your own personal projects also sounds very appealing. Of course, with resumes rolling in at the rate of 1300 a day, the competition is fierce. Maybe I should look at some of the other companies on the list."

Submission + - Second Life Goes Open Source

jon.wolf writes: Linden Labs, the company behind the popular MMO Second Life has released the source code to the client application under the GNU GPL 2 licence. From the article:
Stepping up the development of the Second Life Grid to everyone interested, I am proud to announce the availability of the Second Life client source code for you to download, inspect, compile, modify, and use within the guidelines of the GNU GPL version 2.

Submission + - Sling streams iTunes content to TV

Vitamin_Boy writes: Sling has a new product out, the "SlingCatcher." It sends video from the PC to the TV and does it for $200. Oh, and it apparently works with iTunes. Will this undercut Apple's iTV? This Ars Technica article thinks it might: "The SlingCatcher, on the other hand, is media-agnostic. It doesn't care what codec videos are encoded with, nor whether or not they have been purchased from an approved online store. It is designed to take video output and stream it, which means that you could use the SlingCatcher with video purchased from other online services, such as the iTunes Store or CinemaNow. In this way, the SlingCatcher may turn out to be a one-size-fits-all solution in a field populated with specialty products."

Submission + - Gmail having problems?

An anonymous reader writes: I've been having problems to access my 2 gmail accounts since yesterday. Consulted with a couple of friends and they experienced the same. Tried to login from 3 different places. Same result. So they were human, after all?

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