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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best Certifications To Get?

Hardhead_7 writes: Seeing the recent article on Slashdot about how much your degree is worth got me thinking. I've been working in the IT field for several years now, but I don't have anything to my name other than an A+ certificate and vendor specific training (ie, Dell certified). Now I'm looking to move up in the IT field, and I want some stuff on my resume to demonstrate to future employers that I know what I'm doing, enough that I can get in the door for an interview. So my question to Slashdot is this: What certifications are the most valuable and sought-after? What will impress potential employers and be most likely to help land a decent job for someone who doesn't have a degree, but knows how to troubleshoot and can do a bit of programming if needed?

Submission + - Can a Domain Name be Defamation on It's Own? (

Hardhead_7 writes: "Glen Beck's Lawyers appear to be going after the newly-popular, stating that the domain name alone is defamatory, even though the site has a clear disclaimer marking it as satire. Of course, he could clear all this up by simply denying the rumors and releasing his criminal record in all 50 states, but he's sending in his lawyers instead.... sort of proving the website's point."

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