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Submission + - Mythbusters misses target, hits house with cannonb 1

linuxwrangler writes: A Mythbusters experiment went seriously wrong today when the team missed the intended target and fired a cannonball through a nearby home. After missing the target, the projectile took some "unfortunate bounces", ripped through the front door of and out the opposite wall of an East Dublin home waking the sleeping residents then bounced across a 4-lane road before smashing into a minivan that had just been parked.

Comment Re:Kids (Score 1) 161

I don't find it in the least odd that the kid feels the need to turn up the stereo. It's like hearing someone in the toilet - sure it's natural and not the end of the world if you hear someone thundering away, but if you can turn up the TV then that's best for everyone.

This is why rich people live in big houses with thick walls - they can afford more privacy.

Comment Re:Um, Duh! (Score 1) 404


I think that ads are such pain in the a*** because they target the typical, medium to low IQ customer.

And since there are so many idiots, they don't care about smart ones.

wait, nether companies do, this is why we got windows in first place.

In other word, the world is ruled 'literally' by idiots, and normal peoples (I am not taking about very bright peoples, just normal peoples that finish college, etc) just suffer

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