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Comment Re:In the words of Malcolm Forbes... (Score 1) 613

The numbers are correct, the GP post reported them incorrectly. The net profit is down 90%. Not gross profit. Not revenue. He made it sound as if Intel was selling 90% less stuff, when in reality it's closer to about 10% less.

If Intel's revenue were 1/10th of what it was last quarter,(something like armageddon occured) they'd probably be negotiating plans to try to liquidate their assests.


Ubuntu Download Speeds Beat Windows XP's 515

narramissic writes "Doing a download speed test of his Time Warner cable connection, James Gaskin discovered something odd, something that he is quick to note isn't a rigorous benchmarked lab test. The discovery: His Ubuntu machine 'returned a rating from the test of 22-25mbps over several tests' while the same test done from a Windows XP PC returned a rating of 12-14mbps. The two computers used in the test are 'almost identical: both off-lease Compaq small form factor D515s, part of the very popular corporate desktop D500 family. Both have Pentium 4 processors running at 2GHz. The Ubuntu machine has 768MB of RAM, while the XP box has only 512MB of RAM. Both run Firefox 3 as their browser.' Gaskin's question: Can a little extra RAM make that much difference in Internet download speeds or does Ubuntu handles networking that much faster than Windows XP?"

Mapping the Moon Before Galileo 60

ClockEndGooner writes "The BBC has posted an interesting piece on a British contemporary of Galileo who observed the surface of the moon and drew up a more complete set of lunar maps before the much celebrated Florentine. The first lunar cartographer, Thomas Harriot, who also made an early visit to the Jamestown colony in Virginia, observed the moon with an early telescope and mapped his observations five months before Galileo. Noted British astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, is quoted in the article: 'I'm sorry Harriot isn't better known over here... after all, we all know Galileo. But Harriot was first... and his map of the Moon is better than Galileo's.' Harriot's achievement may not have been as well known, since he deliberately kept a low profile as two of his friends were imprisoned in the Tower of London for political crimes."

Hippies Say WiFi Network Is Harming Their Chakras 432

Anti-Globalism writes "A group of hippies is complaining that a recently installed WiFi mesh network in the UK village of Glastonbury is causing health problems. To combat the signals from the Wi-Fi hotspots, the hippies have placed orgone generators around the antennae." Although there have been many studies that show no correlation between WiFi and health issues the hippies say, "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

Comment Let me be the first to say (Score 2, Funny) 198

In Soviet Russia, ALL work gets paid (useless or not) ...not that your work is useless. If people are looking at it and using it and telling you to publish, you should probably do it if you want the money. If your writing was utter trash and you tried to publish it (or it actaully got published) then you wouldn't get paid for poor quality work.

The idea that you get a tax rebates for voluntarily working on something is interesting, but do taxpayers want to pay for this kind of work?

I would like to know what others think about this as I just graduated (today, in fact) form school with a CS degree. I was pondering doing some OSS work to get some experience in some form of team-ish software development. It would be nice if I could make money from the gov't for that.

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - First commerical open source game in development

LingNoi writes: Blender's project Apricot has begun work on creating the first open source commerical title scheduled for release on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The project is being funded by the Blender and Crystal Space communities in an effort to address the problems that professionals face in the games industry with regards to using Blender 3d and Crystal Space engine.

Discussions have already begun on improvements that can be made on the blender forums.

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