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Comment Nordic perspective (Score 1) 330

As a Dane who has worked in most of Scandinavia, Germany, Ireland, UK and with a plethora of nationalities from around the world - English is the language of choice for any technical discussion. Even among fellow Danish developers its toe cringing to try to speak in Danish as the words either don't exist or are 'old fashioned' direct translations. Which means if we're talking anything really technical - just switching to English is convenient and mutually understood anyways. So either its fully Danish or we have a hybrid language where all technical terms is spoken in English. I wouldn't be caught dead saying 'peger' instead of 'pointer' :).

Submission + - Germany hits 25% renewable power, transition going smoothly says government (

AmiMoJo writes: "The German government says the country's shift to renewable energy is going smoothly, with such energy now accounting for a quarter of all power consumption. German economics minister Philipp Roesler said the government has already taken 8 nuclear reactors offline, but this has had no impact on keeping the energy supply stable.

As well as increased capacity there has been a drive to save energy. Some Germans are opposed to price increases, although other countries are experiencing similar hikes."


Submission + - Neanderthal DNA found in most humans

Torino10 writes: A recent article in the magazine Science( ) and written about on the Ars Technica website states that the majority of humans found outside of Africa have between 1-4% neandertal DNA. Earlier comparisons of mitochondrial DNA did not show a link.

Submission + - Norway Builds the World's Most Humane Prison (

An anonymous reader writes: By the time the trumpets sound, the candles have been lit and the salmon platters garnished. Harald V, King of Norway, enters the room, and 200 guests stand to greet him. Then a chorus of 30 men and women, each wearing a blue police uniform, launches into a spirited rendition of "We Are the World." This isn't cabaret night at Oslo's Royal Palace. It's a gala to inaugurate Halden Fengsel, Norway's newest prison.

Submission + - US church abuses YouTube DMCA (

An anonymous reader writes: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has decided that the "Davey and Goliath" parody "Gravey and Jobriath" — from Simpsons episode HOMR — infringes on their copyright and is using YouTube's DMCA process to take down clips of it.

Comment Ireland is a banana republic (Score 3, Interesting) 155

And I'm not kidding, I live here at the moment, although I come from mainland Europe. This country is backwards. Think 1940es style, backwards.

I dont know why that is, perhaps its the general repression during British rule, the famine, the isolation from europe, and the dominance of the catholic church, but its so conservative you wouldnt believe it. Women have to go on special ferries to get abortions in the UK - and they risk all kinds of hell if anyone reports it back home. I see teenage mothers all over the place and every day theres new details about the catholic church raping (literally) the entire society. And on top of that, the last 3 taoiseachs has been openly corrupt, and probably longer back than that.

Oh well, atleast the pubs are OK.

Comment As a Dane (Score 1) 703

I just have to say youre batshit crazy America. Why are you so afraid of sex, its a deep part of human nature, its not going away, it happens to wake up around 13-14 earlier/later depending on individual maturity. That doesnt mean teenagers have sex at that specific time, we all know that. But some will, many, will before they become 16 (age of consent in Denmark) - better they know how to protect themselves. No? Interestingly you can buy a pack of cigarette, a six pack of beer at the age of 16 here and then go out and fuck like a rabbit. But they just dont do it, what gives ? Why dont they censor swearing and titshots on TV here ? According to your legislators our society would be run by demented, raving alcoholic sexperverts raping everything with a pulse and not one of the safest places in the world. I know im generalizing here :), but its always weird to look across the pond (the UK is bad too), and see how much the people with a higher sense of moral right is dominating the news (that reaches us).

Submission + - Google 99% certain to shutdown (

Handbrewer writes: Google has drawn up detailed plans for the closure of its Chinese search engine and is now “99.9 per cent” certain to go ahead as talks over censorship with the Chinese authorities have reached an apparent impasse, according to a person familiar with the company’s thinking.

Comment How ever did we manage before?! (Score 1) 237

How on earth did anyone manage to become adults before, without being constantly molested or our minds corrupted by such evils as pictures of nipples and reproductive organs. Thanks to all the silly "think of the children", "beware of terrorists" laws lately i feel SO MUCH SAFER. George Orwell would weep.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 2

This is absolutely insane. A non violent crime, that maybe cost a telco company a few houndred bucks, at most can cost a young man 40 years in prison? 40 years not paying taxes, costing society a very real and very large amount of money, not to mention destroying a life. Why dont they just go out and shoot him in the head behind the court building? It would be cheaper and more humane. Im sure the founding fathers of America would be proud.....

Submission + - Microsoft’s Creative Destruction ( 1

Garabito writes: Dick Brass, former vice-president at Microsoft, published an op-ed in The New York TImes , where he states that 'Microsoft has become a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator' and how 'it has lost share in Web browsers, high-end laptops and smartphones.'

He attributes this situation to the lack of a true system for innovation at Microsoft. Some former employees argue that Microsoft has a system to thwart innovation. He tells how promising and innovative technologies like ClearType and the original TabletPC concept become crippled and sabotaged internally, by groups and divisions that feel threated by them.

Brass states that internal competition at Microsoft has created a dysfunctional corporate culture and questions whether the company has much of a future if it doesn't regain its creative spark.

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