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Submission + - Man Tunnels into GameStop, Steals Games (thinq.co.uk) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Life imitates Minecraft: Computer game piracy is big business, but there are still those who prefer to get their games the old-fashioned way: by digging a tunnel into their local games shop and making off with as much stock as they can carry.
At least, that's the slightly bizarre approach taken by a man from Greeneville, Tennessee, who was arrested late last week after being caught tunnelling into his local GameStop store from an empty adjoining building.


Submission + - Google Black Christmas (googleblackchristmas.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Just a little note from the UK side of the pond to wish you all a merry festive season, As usual we've made a little thing:


Google Blacklist Christmas allows you to create a message to your loved ones constructed from all the words that google deems unsuitable for consumption. Unsurprisingly they are nearly all quite rude.

You're all very welcome.

All our Love.




Submission + - Minecraft Enterprise D, Pure Awesomeness (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: Joshua Walker spent the last few months creating a masterpiece. He created the Starship Enterprise Class D from Star Trek – The Next Generation in Minecraft using just blocks. He even recorded a short video of him explaining how he did it and even gave us a sneak peek at the partially completed ship.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - MS claims FPS gaming on the PC is dead (destructoid.com) 2

MaxBooger writes: According to Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda, the success of Halo on the XBox360 has obliterated the PC as a viable platform for FPS'.

"Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first-person shooters on the PC anymore,” claims the executive. “If you think about the way that first-person shooters evolved, they started on the PC. People for the longest time tried to port shooters from the PC onto the console.

Methinks someone at Microsoft has been drinking too much kool~aid.


Submission + - Stewart & Colbert plan competing D.C. rallies (theglobeandmail.com)

Lev13than writes: In a direct retort to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert have announced competing rallies on October 30th. Stewart plans to host a “Rally To Restore Sanity” on Oct. 30 on the National Mall in D.C. for the Americans he says are too busy living normal, rational lives to attend other political demonstrations. Colbert, meantime, will shepherd his fans in a “March To Keep Fear Alive.” “Damn your reasonableness!” Colbert said. “Now is not the time to take it down a notch. Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom!” Stewart, meanwhile, has promised to provide attendees with signs featuring slogans such as “I Disagree With You But I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler” and “I'm Afraid of Spiders.”

Submission + - Developer demands Pirate Bay not remove torrent (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: This week TPB got a very different e-mail, though. It was a “Notice of Ridiculous Activity” from a software developer who had found one of its apps cracked and listed as a torrent on TPB.

The app in question is called Memories developed by Coding Robots. Memories is marketed as the easiest way to keep a journal on your Mac. It costs $29.99 to buy after you’ve enjoyed a 30-day free trial. That of course didn’t stop someone cracking the software and making it available for free as a torrent.

Dmitry Chestnykh, founder of Coding Robots, noticed the cracked torrent and decided to download it to see what had been done. After using it he was upset, not because the cracked version was available, but because the cracker (named Minamoto) had done such a bad job of cracking it.

The best section of the e-mail has to be this, though:

        I demand that you don’t remove this torrent, so that people can laugh at Minamoto and CORE skills. However, I also demand the[sic] better crack to be made, so that it doesn’t cripple the user experience of my beautiful program.


Submission + - Girl quits job on dry erase board, emails entire o (gizmodo.com) 4

suraj.sun writes: Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

Young woman has job. Boss calls young woman "hot piece of ass." Young woman quits, uses dry erase board to fire back by emailing these photos to the entire office. Boss, it seems, loved playing FarmVille during work hours too much.

Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5609415/hot-piece-of-ass-busts-boss-for-farmville-obsession

the Chive: http://thechive.com/2010/08/10/girl-quits-her-job-on-dry-erase-board-emails-entire-office-33-photos/

Submission + - A HOPA Quits her Job (thechive.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A female employee whose boss decribes her as a HOPA (a Hot Piece of Ass) quit her job and emailed everybody in the office some photographs explaining the situation. Apparently her boss Spencer has a bad temper, bad breath and plays a lot of video games while at work. Link orignally found through Noewin.

Submission + - Fallout advert mocks Japanese RPGs (kotaku.com)

RogueyWon writes: Kotaku is reporting that Bethesda's Japanese marketing campaign for the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas is based around some pretty savage mockery of commonly perceived failings of Japanese role-playing games. While it's dubious whether this tactic will actually boost the game's sales in a notoriously hard market for Western developers to crack, many of the criticisms contained in the advert of Japan's domestic RPGs ring true. Is it time that Japanese RPG developers, increasingly focussed on underwhelming extended cinematic experiences and low-budget hand-held titles, took note of the lessons from Western developers such as Bioware and Bethesda?

Submission + - August 4 is National Lowered Standards Day (anus.com)

hessian writes: For years, we have struggled to maintain higher standards, but it just hasn't worked. It's inconvenient. To recognize this, we propose a Federal holiday to celebrate a lowest common denominator state of mind. This is the National Lowered Standards Day, and we celebrate it every August 4

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