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Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 467

Personally I would build my own system to run linux on. It isn't as hard as some think it is. There are lots of tutorials on it and odds are there is a nerd some where close by that will help you.

Yeah, but I don't have a 3D printer to make the case out of, and if I make it out of wood in my garage it'll be a bit too heavy, not to mention hard to ool. (I'm sure you understand what form factor an "UltraBook" is.)

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 467

The Mac isn't an "appliance", it's a "computer". Apple's appliances are iOS devices, and they go out of their way to lock them down. But Microsoft calling Signature Edition an "appliance" is just sophistry -- Windows is a computer operating system and offers the power user near complete control of your system, whereas iOS is deliberately feature-starved and controlled. In fact, Windows Signature Edition offers the end-user even more control by giving them an OS free of vendor crapware. It's even more "computer" than OEM Windows.

Comment Re: Strange (Score 1) 467

There is no "workaround" for installing Linux on a Mac. In fact, they even included a multi-boot utility (Boot Camp Assistant) with the specific goal of allowing you to install an alternative operating system to give you flexibility. I'm not a Mac user -- this is a PC. But it's dual boot because I find that useful. I have a lightweight Linux install for browsing and Python dev work, and I boot Windows when I want to use apps that otherwise wouldn't be available.

Comment Re:I think that they are missing the point (Score 1) 210

To point a finer point on this issue, I think the deficiency in the study has to do with the groups involved.

They may have found two groups who have a common goal (weight loss), but I'm willing to bet that the group who went out of their way to consult with a health counselor have FAR more motivation to achieve the goal of overall health

I think that everyone in the study was consulting with a counsellor, and that's how they got onto the study. I may be wrong, but that's what the study seems to be describing....

Comment Re:The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 1) 210

It is impossible to lose weight if you eat more than you burn, even if all of those calories are "healthy".

Not necessarily true. For a while, I was on a "grazing" regime, as it had been advised both by a doctor as a method of managing my heartburn (heartburn often being triggered by filling up the stomach, or by eating on an empty stomach) and by a trainer in my local gym as a means of losing weight. The trainer's assertion was that the human body only starts to metabolise food to bodyfat when the stomach is nearly empty. If your stomach isn't empty at all during the day (you need to let it empty at night, though) there's no trigger to the body to save some of the calories for later.

Now I can't say for sure that this is true -- it could be that I only lost weight doing this because I retrained my reaction to hunger -- but I lost a surprising amount of weight surprisingly quickly.

Comment Re:The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 1) 210

As much as this explanation appears to make sense, like anything in a social study, the results are likely virtually meaningless at the individual level. How any one person reacts to a tracker will not be predictable.

That's an overstatement. What the results cannot do is state categorically that "you won't get fitter with a fitbit". But they're a starting point for an informed decision. When you're engaged in behaviour modification, you have to first be aware of your behaviour, and that includes being aware of tendencies that you may (or may not) have which are likely to affect your behaviour. Knowing something about the psychological effects of wearing a fitness tracker allows you to modify your use of it/attitude towards it and (hopefully) achieve better results.

Comment Re:The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 1) 210

Sounds like Atkins, which has worked quite well for me.

That's a large leap. The grandparent was talking about cutting out high GI foods, Atkins promotes cutting out all carbohydrate. Ketosis is a pretty extreme state to get yourself in, and there's really no need to worry about low GI carbohydrates. And if exercise is part of your weight-loss regime, you do really need to have a reasonable carbohydrate intake.

Comment Re:enable it? funny... I did the opposite (Score 1) 141

Accesible UI design is only needed in accessible UIs. Major browsers are now configurable enough that UIs can be customised to individual needs. I have a friend who drives cars with heavily modified controls. These controls would be illegal for fully able-bodied drivers as they make the car more dangerous, but they are permitted in his car as they make it possible for him to drive without using his feet, which have very limited movement.

A one-touch-back key isn't likely to kill anyone, but it's still an error hazard.

Comment Re:But Backspace as Browser-Back really sucks. (Score 1) 141

Haven't you cave dwellers heard of mouse gestures?

The GO referred to people with accessibilty issues, and not everyone with accessibility issues can use a mouse. Many who can cannot use it with enough accuracy to use gestures. So please, don't start flinging insults at people who physically can't use a computer the same way you would.

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