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Comment None (Score 1) 141

If I was throwing away money I'd get the PSVR because of RE7 and other big budget VR games including racing franchises (and with some extra software like Trinus it can be used with Steam on PC), but these are first generation devices. If I were to be smart with my money I would wait for a new generation of devices that have perfected tracking, have higher definition displays, and are overall less expensive. By then a lot more games would be out as well, it's still slim pickings.

Comment UWP strikes again (Score 1) 419

This is why they are building UWP as a walled garden and making it a separate distinct environment from Win32. Eventually if you run any Win32 apps, "secured" UWP apps will refuse to run. Eventually they will do away with Win32 arguing it has too many attack vectors as due to the growing disparity between it and UWP, it won't receive fixes or updates.

They will tell gamers they can have no cheaters and no CPU wasting anti-piracy software. They will tell users interested in productivity that they will have better performance with no need for an antivirus. They will also have the cross platform/device app ecosystem they always wanted.

And then RIAA/MPAA will have the secure path they want.

Comment Much much much less troubleshooting (Score 1) 44

So you don't have to deal with troubleshooting OS, drivers, updates, various discrete pieces of hardware that may or may not be part of the issue, and much less choice paralysis on game options. Maybe it's OCD but on PC I spent more time running benchmarks and tweaking than actually playing. Every time my game would hitch I would wonder if there was something I could do to fix it and make my experience better. And if I couldn't run at max settings with it being completely smooth it would somehow ruin my enjoyment.

With a console I don't have the absolute best experience but I do feel much more satisfied.

Comment Scorpio will not do 4k (Score 1) 44

From stated specs and leaked presentation info it looks like Scorpio will be struggling to output today's games at 4k, I think potential buyers will be disappointed in the difference between MS's PR and what the system can realistically output.

After people complained this generation's consoles were underpowered for 1080p output I don't know why they are repeating this for 4k and also saying it will carry a premium price tag.

At that point, since Xbox games will be on PC anyway, why not skip Scorpio and get a 1080 or 1080 Ti and also have access to Steam as well?


Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Could Get $23M Exit Payment, Ex-IAC Executive Will Become CEO ( 102

Yahoo has named a replacement for CEO Marissa Mayer once the merger with Verizon becomes official. The next leader of the Sunnyvale-based tech giant will be Thomas J. McInerney, a former chief financial officer of IAC. From a report: Yahoo said Monday that after it completes the sale of its core search business to Verizon and Marissa Mayer and co-founder David Filo step down as board members of Altaba (the new name for the remaining holdings), Mayer could get a $23 million "golden parachute" payment, and Thomas McInerney will run the remaining part of the business as CEO. Mayer's golden parachute, a large payment for top executives if they lose their position as a result of a deal, would include $19.97 million in equity and more than $3 million in cash, according to a regulatory filing. It would kick in if there is a change in control, as will be the case in the deal, and she is terminated "without cause" or "leaves for good reason" within a year.

Comment Re:I don't get why they are bothering to do this (Score 1) 65

Right but what you say is part of my point... that devs are designing for these low spec systems because that's what everyone has. They won't be optimizing for the few percent that have high end hardware... all they will get is the same game running in higher resolutions, higher frame rate, and more anti aliasing... Basically Scorpio will do what the Xbox One does but at 4k (or attempt to). This won't be a new level of gaming.

The only real advancement we will get is when the majority moves over to a new threshold... like say PS5 and Xbox Two, when devs are effectively cut off from supporting the older hardware and can assume everyone will have higher spec systems.

Comment Re:I don't get why they are bothering to do this (Score 2) 65

No matter how many configurations there are, they still spec the game based on a majority of systems, what everyone is expected to handle. A game will be built around this ballpark spec, and then just run at a higher resolution, frame rate, higher anti aliasing... But still the same basic framework and assets.

Comment I don't get why they are bothering to do this (Score 3, Insightful) 65

It's already underpowered compared to last year's GPUs, they're requiring compatibility with the original Xbox One undermining its potential, announcing it only a couple of years away from a new generation giving it little time to amass support much less thrive, diving in with little first-party support as-is, and their PR line is that it is a premium system that will carry a premium price. If this is what you want you can already get a PC plus have access to Steam and other game catalogs.

It doesn't exactly sound like Scorpio will have much of a chance.

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