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Submission + - Microsoft employee's phone tweet leads to ouster (

suraj.sun writes: A Microsoft employee who tweeted about an unreleased Nokia Windows phone earlier this month has left the company after being told that he violated Microsoft's social-media policy, according to an All Things Digital report.

It started on September 7, when Joe Marini, who worked as a Seattle-based principal program manager on the Windows Phone team, tweeted: "I just got a chance to try out one of the slickest looking #Nokia phones I have ever seen. Soon, you will too!" The tweet contained a Windows Phone 7 hashtag, #WP7. Marini sent subsequent tweets about the device, including one that rated it an "8" and another that said "the camera was good, but I didn't have optimal lighting."

GeekWire broke the news today that Marini stepped down after being informed that he would be let go for violating Microsoft's social-media and blogging policy (PDF: ). The guidelines, which are not unusual for companies in this era of ubiquitous social networking, tell employees to "be smart" and to not disclose information in tweets or blog posts that would otherwise be considered confidential.

CNET News:


Submission + - How Are You Liking The New Facebook Layout? (

Tristan36 writes: "ver the years, Facebook as had a nag for changing up the layout of their most popular social media site. Some of these changes where good, and some no so much. In some cases we were able to chose if we wanted to use their new layout, but ultimately and eventually, we were forced to use the most current one. The question wasn't if we would be getting a new layout without our consent, but instead when will we be getting a new layout without our consent. From this, it's safe to assume that Facebook believes that they know what is best for them. So I ask, how do you guys feel about the new Facebook layout? You can vote it up in the polls or leave a comment stating how you feel in the comment section below."

Submission + - Data Centers Eye Underclocking as Efficiency Tool ( 1

1sockchuck writes: New research from Data Center Pulse, a user group focused on data center efficiency, has identified potentially significant power savings from dynamically adjusting the clock speed of CPU processors to match IT workloads. Early testing suggests that overclocking and underclocking processors as workloads fluctuate can reduce a server’s energy use by as much as 18 percent, according to Dean Nelson from Data Center Pulse.

Submission + - Phones Don't Exist Anymore 1

theodp writes: Over at Scripting News, Dave Winer bids a fond farewell to the phone, noting that there are now people in this world who, if shown a picture of a classic rotary dial phone, would not be able to explain how it worked or maybe even what it was. In fact, even the circa-2054 phones envisioned by Steven Spielberg's Minority Report are looking a little long in the tooth. 'Sometimes when they say things change very fast,' writes Dave, 'they're right. Some people still call the hand-held devices phones. But they're not phones. Phones don't exist anymore.'

Submission + - Kids teaching themselves technology ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Sugata Mitra, Chief Scientist at NIIT talk at TED. In 1999, Dr. Mitra executed his idea of, throw a hole in a building’s wall, make computers with internet access available to a slum in Kalkaji, New Delhi. No formal training whatsoever was provided to children and adults who passed through that area. Children started playing with it almost immediately and, after some weeks, they seemed to have mastered the computer, all by themselves. After this successful experiment, Dr. Mitra repeated the hole-in-a-wall in other locations and set up different projects, like a online group of elderly women that encourages and help kids and "grandma" style.

Submission + - Brands using games to educate kids (

billz writes: Nice to see brands like Barclays using games to educate kids in good practices in things like money management. The exploitation of gaming dynamics is still sorely unexplored in education. Not gonna lie, its pretty fun to play even for an adult, altho nothing will teach me not to blow all my pay-check on nerd-toys. You can play the game at

Submission + - Microsoft tablet "no thicker than sheet of glass" ( 5

Barence writes: Microsoft will deliver a touchscreen PC that is "no thicker than a sheet of glass" within the next three years, according to the company's principal researcher. The device will be the next generation of Microsoft's Surface project, which currently houses a touchscreen PC in a deep cabinet that uses cameras to detect hand gestures and objects placed on the screen. According to Microsoft's Bill Buxton, "Surface will become no thicker than a sheet of glass. It’s not going to have any cameras or projectors because the cameras will be embedded in the device itself." Microsoft is developing a new screen technology to make this possible. "The best way to think about it is like a big LCD where there’s a fourth pixel in every triad. So there’s red, green, and blue pixels giving you light, and a fourth pixel which is a sensor that will capture stuff," Buxton claims in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

Submission + - Swedish authorities raid Wikileaks colo 1

burkmat writes: Swedish Radio channel P3 News is reporting (Swedish) that Swedish police have raided the server halls of PRQ in the hunt for "illegal filesharers". The police have yet to release any information, but are planning to hold a press conference shortly.
This is the second time this facility has been raided, and I'm sure you all remember the first time.

Submission + - Oracle hired Mark Hurd (

newsheadlines writes: Mark Hurd, 53, exited HP after an investigation of a sexual harassment allegation found inaccurate expense reports filed by Hurd or in his name. While the company determined that Hurd didnâât violate the harassment policy, it found that he concealed a personal relationship with his accuser, Jodie Fisher, a former actress who handled executive events. Hurd and Fisher, 50, settled her complaint out of court.

Google Says Microsoft Is Driving Antitrust Review 295

GovTechGuy writes "On Friday we discussed news that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott opened a probe into whether Google ranks its search listings with an eye toward nicking the competition. Google suggested the concerns have a major sponsor: Microsoft. In question is whether the world's biggest search engine could be unfairly disadvantaging some companies by giving them a low ranking in free search listings and in paid ads that appear at the top of the page. That could make it tough for users to find those sites and might violate antitrust laws. Abbott's office asked for information about three companies who have publicly complained about Google, according to blog post by Don Harrison, the company's deputy general counsel. Harrison linked each of the companies to Microsoft."

Submission + - Verizon Brings 3D to the NFL (

An anonymous reader writes: Last night, Verizon telecast the first football game 3-D at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

Russians Urged To Drink and Smoke More Screenshot-sm 1

Alexei Kudrin, Russia's finance minister, has a plan to drink and smoke his country out of its financial woes. He has urged his countrymen to drink and smoke more to help boost government revenues. "If you smoke a pack of cigarettes, that means you are giving more to help solve social problems. People should understand: Those who drink, those who smoke are doing more to help the state," he said.

Submission + - Estimating Developer Count on Mothballed Projects

Nicholas Yue writes: I have a situation where I need to estimate that in the event of an entire mothballed project gets resurrected, how do I go about estimating how many developers I need on hand just to keep things ticking along. The other related situation is where we need to go into hibernation mode (so to speak), what is the minimal developers to keep if no new features are to be expected (fix what is broken via some priority). Is there some LOC rule of thumb ?

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