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Comment I'm torn (Score 2) 430

New technology and innovation always presents a threat for major religions because intellectual freedom obtained outside of their control has always represented a threat.

I say that as a practicing Jew and completely understanding the hypocrisy of the statement. I've always had time reconciling the two sides of my mind when it comes to this.

Comment Re:Prepared (Score 1) 562

Nowhere in your diatribe did you mention helping anyone in need. You are one sick fuck.

I didn't join up the peace corp. I think I need to be worried about my family first and others second. Don't get me wrong, I'd help others if I can and it won't endanger myself or more importantly my wife. And as for helping others in need... I teach survival courses for free so I'm not really sure what to tell you.

Comment Prepared (Score 2) 562

Some initial disclosure: My hobbies are hunting and mountaineering. Both of my parents are also retired Army.

I have a pretty well prepared plan actually.

We have two weeks of food and water which I check regularly, and being a hunter I have about 500 rounds of dry sealed hunting grade ammunition stored (locked) in the survival bag. I've also had several forms of bush survival classes and I'm extremely familiar with what is safe to eat and natural remedies for various issues. I also have several forms of long lasting antibiotics in the kit. Since I mountaineer you can bet your ass I have foul weather survival gear, also stored and ready to go.

We have three kinds of plans which is something I recommend everyone have:

1) Natural disaster which does not require evacuation. This is the hurricane avoidance type of thing (I live in the Northeast. IF a hurricane reaches us, its probably a A Big Deal). Hunker down, away from the windows, food, candles, extremely reduced dependence on social services such as running water and electricity.

The last two both involve the following: Gear off rack, duffles loaded, ready to move within 5 minutes of the decision to evacuate. Once this decision is made, there is NO argument. My wife is very aware that I switch gears into a mode which I learned from two very serious parents.

2) Natural disaster which forces an evacuation. The biggest question here is knowing when to get the hell out of dodge immediately, versus knowing when to wait for the unwashed mashes to run in panic because they're retarded. Gear is loaded and routes contrary to those being used by mass evacuees are chosen. In cases where this isn't possible, Every police and military station in the area is marked in a map. Short wave radio is already pre-tuned and tested for known open frequencies.

3) Man made disaster which forces an evacuation. Welp. This is it. If this plan is going into effect, there are a lot of variables. Is the air safe? Are the roads safe? Is fallout a concern? The answers here determine whether or not I'm just saying a quick prayer, covering my skin and praying to god, or I'm running. If I can run, my concern and courtesy for others is very limited. I'm the very serious guy loaded to bear and not taking shit from people around me. If I need to survive, my wife and I -will- survive. I am a firm believer in Darwin's theory of evolution and my genes are the alpha ones bud :P

Submission + - Anon demands US give clothes back to Manning (

hajus writes: Anonymous has given the US one week to restore certain rights for Bradley Manning in his time in prison awaiting his trial including clothes, any religious texts, a ball, blankets, and bedsheets or they will begin to 'dox' Department of Defense Press Secretary Geoff Morell and chief warrant officer Denise Barnes. 'Dox'. "Dox" will involve digging up personal information on the two officials and mass harassment or public embarrassment. “Targets established,” reads the document, before naming Morell and Barnes. “We’re in the ruining business. And business is good.” The operation has been termed "Operation Bradical" by Anonymous.

Submission + - Google Chrome 11 Dev Features "Focus Existing Tab (

An anonymous reader writes: Google Chrome 11 dev version gets two more features under about:flags page. FPS Counter and Focus Existing Tab on Open are the two new features in flags. Focus Existing Tab on Open is one of the best feature got added in Firefox 4.

Submission + - The Moonpocalypse is near! (No, it's not) (

An anonymous reader writes: On March 19 the Moon will be at its closest point to Earth in 18 years: 356,577 kilometers, according to the perigee and apogee calculator. Some people say this means that WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE in a storm of mad hurricanes, raging volcanos, furious tsunamis and mad earthquakes, and point out at the many times the Supermoon has brought disaster. But what's really going to happen?

Submission + - "Most Earth-Like" Planet Gets Major Demotion (

audiovideodisco writes: "Last month, the team behind NASA's Kepler planet-finding mission announced the discovery of the most Earth-like planetary candidate ever spotted: KOI 326.01, an approximately Earth-sized planet orbiting in in the habitable zone of its star. There was much excitement; one astrophysicist even calculated the value of the new planet as exactly $223,099.93. But when an innocent fact-checker's question sent one of the researchers back to look at some figures, she noticed that the star's brightness was listed incorrectly in a reference catalog, throwing the planet's properties into doubt. After jiggering the calculations, the Kepler team now says that KOI 326.01 is neither Earth-sized nor in the habitable zone, and may actually be orbiting a different star. The Kepler researcher says "We'(TM)re seeing the scientific method playing out in real time."

While this news is a bit of a downer, Kepler is just getting going, and it's expected to find many, many more Earth-like planets."


Submission + - Gets $10k for Uncensored Internet ( 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "Uncensored access to the Internet can overthrow dictators and aid the creation of free societies. This has been shown by recent events in North Africa and the Middle East. Whether in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya — the revolution is inseparably linked to free communication and unhindered access to independent news and media.
Till today the project has been graciously financed by private donations from supporters. Now, founder Moritz Bartl and his team have partnered with Access Now. has received a $10,000 US Dollars grant from Access Now that allows for a major capacity upgrade as an immediate tech response to support freedom movements all around the globe. This makes the largest operator on the Tor network."

Comment I am sorry. (Score 1) 527

Simple suggestion.

Touch and taste and smell are emotions you'll never be able to replace. Sound and sight are easy. Does your wife have a favorite flower or perfume? Try to incorporate those things (particularly a flower or food perhaps) in the time your kids spend with your daughter (you too!) Those associations simply can't be replicated.

Also, if your wife has the strength to physically write with a pen on paper, try to see if she has it in her to write some letters directly to your daughters.

Data Storage

Preserving Memories of a Loved One? 527

An anonymous reader writes "My wife is dying of metastatic (stage 4) cancer. Statistically she has between one and two years left. I have pre-teen daughters. I'm looking for innovative ideas on how to preserve memories of their mother and my wife so that years down the road we don't forget the things we all tend to forget about a person as time passes. I have copious photos and am taking as much HD video as I can without being a jerk, so images and sounds are taken care of (and backed up securely). I'm keeping a private blog of simple daily events that help me remember the things in between the hospitalizations and treatments. In this digital age what other avenues are there for preserving memories? Non-digital suggestions would be welcome, too."

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