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Submission + - Should I learn to program iOS or Android Devices

HW_Hack writes: In my early career in the '90s I had a hardware tech degree, but also a strong interest in software. I completed software courses in assembly, Pascal, html, and C as I prepped for a CS degree. I then got my chance to do hardware design for a major US firm and went that direction for a good 18yr career. I now work in a good sized school district doing IT support work at a large high school. I plan to revive my programming skills this Winter so I can write apps for the flood of mobile devices. I am very much platform / OS agnostic and i support on any one day OS X, XP, Win 7, Linux servers, and now iOS as we pilot iPads in our school. My question focuses on three topics:
- Which programming environment (iOS or Android) is easier to jump into from a technical perspective / number of languages needed to master ?
- Which one has a better SDK ecosystem of documentation, programmer support, and developer community(s) ?
- Where is the market and the money going ?

I do not expect to get rich doing this, but with my insights into K12 needs I hope I can write effective apps for that market. Apples sheer dominance of market share in iPods and iPhones show they know how to make products that innovate and resonate. But its a very closed ecosystem. Android may be a major competitor, but so far Google does not seem fully committed beyond having a few toes in the water. My current pull is towards iOS as Apple seems to get it that consumers want it simple, convenient, and safe.

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