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Comment Re:Why drop Vista? (Score 1) 119

Do you really think it's not the same code at the supported windows 7 build?

It's simply not tested on Vista anymore, and therefore not guaranteed to work.

But seriously, who gives a crap about Vista in 2017, it was largely disliked even when it was the new hotness and that was four major releases back, 2006... man I feel old. That was a decade ago and I was almost over the hill even then.

Comment Re:Why drop Vista? (Score 4, Informative) 119

Sometimes dropping support is not because it won't work, but because the cost/benefit ratio of testing to guarantee it will work is not worth the effort.

Pertinent facts:
    Vista represents less than 1% of the market, we're talking 3 to 4 times less than linux
    Vista exited mainstream support FIVE YEARS AGO
    Vista extended support expires this week

At some point you just stop beating the dead horse.

Comment Re:Sounds like they're driving. . . (Score 1) 183

. . . . more users to Gab, where the only filters on what you see, are the ones **you** set on your own account

The average celebrity has an order of magnitude more twitter followers than Gab has users.(Heck, even a spoof account does ) As much as I'd like there to be an alternative, a service with 0.04% the users doesn't feel like a challenger.

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