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Comment Re: Nah (Score 1) 104

Neural nets perform well when the input data is large enough to be statistically valid. I suspect that the reason we've seen recent advances in the, otherwise well understood, area of neural nets is cheap commodity hardware has made it trivial to build faster cluster computers with *large nerdy number* of RAM.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that building massive networks of inter-connected neural nets is the next stage.

Comment Re:Why drop Vista? (Score 1) 119

Do you really think it's not the same code at the supported windows 7 build?

It's simply not tested on Vista anymore, and therefore not guaranteed to work.

But seriously, who gives a crap about Vista in 2017, it was largely disliked even when it was the new hotness and that was four major releases back, 2006... man I feel old. That was a decade ago and I was almost over the hill even then.

Comment Re:Why drop Vista? (Score 4, Informative) 119

Sometimes dropping support is not because it won't work, but because the cost/benefit ratio of testing to guarantee it will work is not worth the effort.

Pertinent facts:
    Vista represents less than 1% of the market, we're talking 3 to 4 times less than linux
    Vista exited mainstream support FIVE YEARS AGO
    Vista extended support expires this week

At some point you just stop beating the dead horse.

Comment Re:Sounds like they're driving. . . (Score 1) 183

. . . . more users to Gab, where the only filters on what you see, are the ones **you** set on your own account

The average celebrity has an order of magnitude more twitter followers than Gab has users.(Heck, even a spoof account does ) As much as I'd like there to be an alternative, a service with 0.04% the users doesn't feel like a challenger.

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