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Submission + - MAGIC2010 Robot Competition Finalists Named (

H0D_G writes: Six high-tech science and technology teams from four continents have been named finalists in the inaugural Multi Autonomous Ground-Robotic International Challenge (MAGIC 2010). Teams from the United States, Turkey, Japan and Australia have been selected by the U.S. and the Australian departments of defense to compete this spring in Australia in an effort to develop the next generation of fully-autonomous ground robots.

Submission + - CSIRO takes on AT&T, Verizon over Wifi Patent (

H0D_G writes: THE CSIRO's WiFi patent saga has taken a new twist, with the science agency deciding to draw the US's top three mobile carriers into the fray — AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. Court filings have revealed that the CSIRO is suing the three carriers for alleged infringements of its WiFi patent in eastern Texas's US District Court. Slashdot has covered these lawsuits before

Submission + - Australian nightclub installs facial ID technology (

H0D_G writes: The Red Square Nightclub in Adelaide has become the first venue in South Australia to install facial recognition and ID scanning at the door. From the article: Club owner Tony Tropeano says those details will be stored for 28 days- "People that get scared by having their ID taken, we don't want them anyway"

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