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Comment Re: Thanks Samsung! (Score 1) 260

Those are codeshared flights that are not operated by United or Delta. If you actually click on the "Check Your Flight" link next to United or Delta, you're taken to a page that does not include either airline in the dropdown.

For example, while you can buy a ticket from United to fly from New York to Dubai, you'll be flying on a Swiss Air aircraft from Zurich to Dubai, or a Lufthansa aircraft from Frankfurt, etc. Do a search for flights to Dubai on United's website and you'll get a whole bunch of flights, and not one of them is operated by United.

Comment Collateral damage (Score 2) 249

There appears to be collateral damage, in that these bans are impacting countries other than the US (and by extension the UK). Royal Jordanian has announced that flights between Jordan and Canada are also subject to the ban. It appears to be because those direct Jordan-Canada flights then do a hop to the US afterwards.

Comment Re:But does it run Wine? (Score 1) 243

Except that the proposed product is an ARM device, so while you can run Linux on it, you're not going to be using WINE. I will admit that I didn't realize that the summary was talking about two different devices, though: the latter is the one I was referring to, while the former doesn't run Android by default, so far as I can tell.

Comment Re:A better question (Score 1) 243

It must not be about costs, because you can buy a half decent notebook with a 1080p IPS display for a hundred dollars less than this "netbook" (see Anandtech's recent review of the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1, which has its flaws, but is an impressive value). My assumption then is that the attraction is purely the form factor. I would have thought that some sort of low-end android tablet or phone with a keyboard case of some kind would make this proposed product redundant.

Comment Re:Batteries from Nevada to Australia? (Score 1) 274

Their grid storage solutions don't use powerwall, they use powerpack, which are shipped pre-populated on palettes. You're not going to gain much efficiency by building them directly into the shipping container. By the time you need to install the powerpacks, they stick them on the slab, bolt them down, and plug them in. There's a lot more that goes into building the facility than just sticking the powerpacks in.

Comment Re:Batteries from Nevada to Australia? (Score 2) 274

That and there is work to be done for such an installation before they could actually put the powerpacks in place. Prepare the land, build the slabs, put all the supporting infrastructure in place. Actually placing and plugging in the batteries is probably one of the quickest parts, and I'd bet they can do that towards the end of the project.

Comment Re:Will I actually be able to get this one? (Score 2) 138

Every single store listed on whereismypizero is either out of stock or broken (CanaKIT returns a 404 if you try to add to cart), and some of those stores are overseas anyhow. Also, whereismypizero is a broken site that just shows "Checking" for everything.

You're basically just reinforcing his point: the Pi Zero is nearly impossible to actually buy.

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