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Comment Re:Falling sales not a huge surprise (Score 1) 336

40 ms of latency would actually be grotesquely bad unless corrected for by software.

It really wouldn't be: the vast majority of displays/TVs add more delay to the video than that, for example. You won't notice lipsync issues at 40ms, which is less than one frame of 23.976fps video. I'm going to call BS on a sub-frame amount of delay being an issue, and I'm speaking as somebody who's overly sensitive to latency issues and tries to stick to CRTs for retro gaming.

iOS may be overly aggressive with power management, but at least it consistently connects with AAC. Getting OS X to connect with AAC is a huge pain in the neck, and bluetooth range/reliability is pretty poor on a macbook compared to an iPhone. So at least the iPhone "just works" and works reliably. When I'm listening to music, the power management isn't an issue. When I'm watching a video on a mobile device (and not a PC or TV), I'm usually traveling somewhere and wouldn't be pausing too often.

Comment Re:Falling sales not a huge surprise (Score 1) 336

> Gone are the days when the left and right speaker are in perfect sync.

That is only a potential problem when using earbuds that aren't connected. Regular bluetooth headphones and earbuds are accepting a single stereo audio stream, and don't have that problem.

> Gone are the days when your audio and video were in sync.

I don't see why the external audio DAC in the lightning headphone adapter should have any more latency than the internal DAC in the previous iPhones did. That said, the 40ms latency of aptX LL is quick enough to avoid any perceptible sync issues. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't support it, or regular aptX for that matter.

Comment Re:Falling sales not a huge surprise (Score 1) 336

The rumour on the iPhone 7 is that they had intended for a more substantial redesign. A move to OLED, the removal of the home button, touch ID directly on the screen instead of a separate button, etc. They wanted to turn the entire front of the phone into a big display. Unfortunately, things weren't ready, so the iPhone 7 was their fallback plan.

Comment Re:Excited (Score 1) 190


> Samsung’s QLED TVs still require backlighting and those crystals don’t self-emit light in the same way that OLEDs do. This isn’t some reinvention of display technology.

These aren't actually QLED displays (QLED would be self-emissive), so they're just using QLED as a fancy marketing name for quantum dot LCDs designed to trick the consumer into thinking they're like OLED via the similar name. It's like how DSL and cable companies try to pretend their copper is fibre, with Bell Canada going so far as to call their DSL service "Fibe".

Basically they have a regular backlight and a regular LCD panel, but instead of using a colour filter layer, they use the light from the backlight to excite the quantum dots, and modulate it with the LCD panel.

As long as they're still relying on an LCD, at the very least they will still suffer from the comparatively slow response time of an LCD panel.

It's true that real QLED displays could compete with OLED in many regards, but these aren't QLED displays.

Comment Re:Good old short term investers (Score 1) 103

Their products weren't flying off the shelves, and they had crippled the development on their NV20 competitor to get the V4/5 out the door. Even if the creditors hadn't killed the company prematurely, their past mistakes meant that they probably would have put out a card competitive with the GeForce 3 right as the GeForce 4 was coming out.

Comment Re:What About Package Thieves? (Score 1) 122

That's the whole point, though. If the drone lands and the thieves take the package, the drone can be recovered. If the drone just lets them keep shooting at it, the drone will crash and be damaged (potentially beyond repair), and the thieves still get the package.

It's better to lose the $50 package than have the $5000 drone be destroyed.

Comment Re:What About Package Thieves? (Score 1) 122

If somebody is shooting stuff at the drone, they've got a pretty good chance of taking it down if they keep at it. At which point, what's more valuable, the $50 package, or the $5,000 drone?

This isn't really a problem for the customer, Amazon knows they didn't get their package, and can take the appropriate action (refund, dispatch another drone, dispatch a same-day-delivery driver, dispatch a regular delivery, etc.) But from their perspective, it's probably better to let the thief have the package and be able to recover the drone. Besides, the drone might end up with pretty good video footage of the thief that it can give to the police.

Comment Re: I'be been a Mac user for 13+ years (Score 1) 254

Apple has had a reputation in the past (and by that I mean they maintained that reputation for many years) for posting relatively accurate battery life figures. It's only very recently that this has been an issue. Apple is claiming 10 hours, and CR was seeing anywhere from 4.5 hours to 19.5 hours. The 19.5 hour figure is probably more interesting than the 4.5 hour figure: what happened there? That's almost double the estimates.

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