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Comment Re:Other good paid email providers? (Score 5, Interesting) 435

My company (~750 email users) bought in to the Office 365 hype while negotiating our MS licensing. We got it super cheap and thought "What the hell, 'free' DR and a cloud service to offer the end users? Why not?"... That was a year ago. In the year since that decision and 8 months in to using the product, I can say without a doubt that Office 365 is the worst email system I've ever used. Hands down, the absolute worst. Spam filtering problems? Yep, had those. Mail delivery problems? Yep, about 3 times a month (on average). Client connectivity issues? Oh yeah. Management site unavailable? It's happened more than once. 4-hour hold for "free" support? Yep, been through that too.

It's bad enough that we're spending the money to move all of our cloud mailboxes back on-prem. I can't expect that ANYONE with an expectation for highly available mail systems would use Office 365. I'll offer further details in a PM if anyone needs it.

Comment Re:And what will happen if they do (Score 5, Insightful) 250

We've heard that "Just following orders" defense somewhere before... You might want to Google that and see how those trials turned out. The fact that they are mindless drones in a machine that is performing reprehensible acts, but hold no hate for their victims themselves, does not make them innocent. After Snowden, anyone willing working for the NSA and not looking for work elsewhere is approving of and endorsing their crimes.

Comment Re:Seems perfectly reasonable (Score 3, Interesting) 1591

Ok, um, so I'm in the know here (see user name/uid). Also, I'm a Texan, so that possibly qualifies me by birth...

The weapons you are describing are military derivative firearms and by all rights, SHOULD be banned IMO. We, as a nation, have proven ourselves incapable of properly storing our firearms, incompetent at assessing who should have a firearm, and generally promoting the glorification of firearms use via the media, games, and certain aspects of our culture.

At the same time, we have tried to claim that the right to own firearms does not come with any responsibility. If your kid leaves his toys out, after several warnings, you, as a parent, would be taking a reasonable stance to put the toys away for him. The child (in this badly crafted analogy) has not demonstrated the responsibility that comes along with the right to those toys. Same for those of us in the gun culture. We have failed at our responsibility to safely possess firearms. We do not deserve them now.

You said something that I'd like to point out to be overdramatic in the least, and possibly flat-out manipulative; "now the vast majority of us - who will never use them irresponsibly - need to suffer". Can you please tell me how much you will suffer? If we combine the total suffering from all the people in the state who will lose their guns, do you believe that it is greater than the suffering felt by any combination of the parents of the Sandy Hook victims? If you want to bring suffering into this discussion, let's keep that perspective in mind.

Comment Re:local "laws"? (Score 1) 50

It's a good question; Is an unjust law still a valid law? I think we can agree in some broad sense that local statutes which violate human rights are unjust. Now the trick is to agree on "Human Rights" (see the UN's work in this regard for a culturally agnostic version) and on whether it is ok to violate unjust laws... Personally, I think so.

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