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The Courts

Submission + - Hollywood studios lose Australia download case (abc.net.au)

GumphMaster writes: A case that has been around a few years is reaching the end of the line in the Australian High Court (highest court in the land). The ABC is reporting, "The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) was appealing against a Federal Court ruling in February last year that internet service provider iiNet was not liable for users' copyright infringements."

AFACT is a Australian front for most of the large multinational movie industry players. Earlier court rulings confirmed the ISP position that they are not responsible for alleged copyright infringement by their customers as AFACT was claiming.


Submission + - Aussie ISP Wins Appeal Against Media Company Group (abc.net.au)

GumphMaster writes: "A large group of movie studios and media companies headed by Village Roadshow has lost its appeal against an Australian Federal Court judgement involving internet service provider iiNet. The appeal was against a year old ruling that essentially declared it impossible to hold iiNet, and by extension ISPs in general, responsible for their user's actions.

The original claims not only sought to hold iiNet responsible for what its users did but also contended that iiNet actively encouraging, and itself breaching, copyright by running web caches and the like. The courts so far have fallen on the side of common sense. No doubt this is off to the High Court of Australia. No doubt also, that the continued action will not stop a single unauthorised download."

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