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Comment Re:"antivax" people (Score 1) 416

I think there is a valid question though of what diseases should you be immunized for as a society. Smallpox is wiped out, should we still immunize for it? Chicken pox also has a vaccine, but if you get it as a child you only risk a week at home, some itching, and maybe a scar if your parents can stop you from itching too much. With such minor risks I probably wouldn't have a kid get the chicken pox vaccine (hell, I'd probably go send him to play with the kids who just came down with it- get immunity the old fashioned way). Risk/reward is off there. I would get him immunized for mumps, measels, rubella, etc the risks of the disease there outweigh the negative of immunization.


Zombie Pigs First, Hibernating Soldiers Next Screenshot-sm 193

ColdWetDog writes "Wired is running a story on DARPA's effort to stave off battlefield casualties by turning injured soldiers into zombies by injecting them with a cocktail of one chemical or another (details to be announced). From the article, 'Dr. Fossum predicts that each soldier will carry a syringe into combat zones or remote areas, and medic teams will be equipped with several. A single injection will minimize metabolic needs, de-animating injured troops by shutting down brain and heart function. Once treatment can be carried out, they'll be "re-animated" and — hopefully — as good as new.' If it doesn't pan out we can at least get zombie bacon and spam."

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