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Comment Some mistake ... (Score 1) 644

Inequality of income is never a problem, it is the lowest level of purchasing capability given to, say, someone on social income. If this robotization idea brings in more tax, so be it, it can fund more social income, so let the head honcho have multiple helicopters, it's just not a problem. You can even cut his rate if the robots are any use as an incentive to build wealth. But whatever ...

Comment Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is funded by US (Score 1) 207

RFE RL is a 501c 3 corporation that receives U.S. government funding and is supervised by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an agency overseeing all U.S. federal government international broadcasting services. The Russian Federation is subject to sanctions by the US government over the legitimacy of the people of Crimea's vote to declare themselves as a the Russian Autonomous Region of Crimea. Who do you trust, what can you verify with your own eyes, and who has an agenda here?

Comment Re:The End of Thin Computing? (Score 1) 79

Hi! To quickly explain my position, I've heard this before, but notice that flash movie content plays on these new thin machines with âoeclicky soundâ and unreliably as if they are underpowered in a way that is hidden. I have tried a few different makes and software platforms. New gaming platforms blow them off the face of the planet earth and are perfectly smooth. The screens are nice big ones and they are ergonomic and comfortable to use. I can afford both. So naturally I ask the question as there is a visible mismatch to me and I have been struck with disbelief.

Comment Censorship (Score 1) 326

They have A.I. that hides comments that people make on News Vendors and the like, but hides this fact from these people's accounts, on the basis of arbitrary content criteria. People encounter it, eventually note that their posts are deleted from the usership's view, but they are still visible to them and declare Zuck a commie. This happens on G+ too, another good example of randomly ascribed censorship, also in a cheeky hidden way. The vast majority of people want freedom of speech instead this situation, so they are left with a very bad taste in their mouth. They think they have found a monster! What does it take to sell and what does it take to win?

Comment Re:Amazon Genius (Score 1) 97

If the "fire" is $50, then consumers still have enough money to spare to buy a solid desktop. Also it psychologically decays the consumer item's value as it gets cheaper, like it did with the calculator market and digital watches in the 1980s. Eventually it's "the chintz" that's free with cornflakes packets. Then as mass production increases for any consumer item, the unit price always falls, including Macs and PCs.

Comment Abnormal Psychology (Score 1) 50

Compulsive behavior of any sort only exists in pre existing conditions of abnormal psychology, so this research should not be applied to regular folks OR advertised as being applicable to normal sane individuals. I mention this because many children have had their computer hobbies curtailed by parents because of a sadistic misapplication of psychopathy research, misapplied by media companies and simpleton politicians.

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