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Comment money wasted. (Score 3, Insightful) 68

Intel doesn't understand what businesses want: inexpensive parts.
Intel doesn't understand what hobbyists want: inexpensive parts that don't need NDAs.
Intel doesn't understand what the world doesn't need: more power hungry x86 platforms.
Intel doesn't understand that we don't need them.

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 0) 185

That was somewhat uncharitable of you. BlueCoder, the GP, is openly talking about his/her difficulty in telling people things, and you basically say "or maybe you're just boring"

A) Reality doesn't care about any person's feelings.
B) I would think it would be more cruel to let someone go on thinking they are doing something wrong than let them know that people simply aren't interested in the subject matter.

Comment Re:Doesn't stop pro-Trump posts (Score 1) 427

I am being inundated with all sorts of pro-Trump posts by one of my friends. All the anti-Clinton conspiracy posts. Every damn one of them. Including one that was so bad that even Fox News published a retraction.

You could just unfriend this person, even if it's just a temporary measure.

Comment Re:Bug of feature? (Score 1) 100

Rowhammer has been usable from JavaScript for ages. [...] I don't know why this attack wouldn't work on mobile devices

Your javascript attack works on x86 systems but not on ARM systems because of how and how fast the memory is accessed. ARM memory controllers just aren't fast enough to trigger the DRAM bug.

I don't really see what's new here.

you should consider reading the research paper before spouting ignorant and misleading comments. :)

Comment Re:Researchers? (Score 3, Funny) 100

Can we stop calling these fucktards researchers already? They are crackers not researchers damn!

Yeah, I mean, researchers explain their methodology and publish papers about it! These are just the dumbest criminal hackers that put their names on some paper they published! Can't wait until they go to jail for their criminal deeds which they are obviously waiting do in the future! -_-

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 4, Informative) 100

One of the simplest existing known attacks involves [...]. What made this attack now work on mobile devices?

Surprise, they didn't do it that way!

It was previously "speculated that Rowhammer on ARM could be impossible, one of the main reasons being that the ARM memory controller might be too slow to trigger the Rowhammer bug" which is true in most cases like the one you listed. However, one thing they figured out is that they could use "DMA buffers bypass the CPU and its caches" using Android's DMA Buffer Management API.

They did several other things like figure out how to determine the size of the DRAM rows (not uniform on ARM) and create a deterministic way force security-sensitive data int vulnerable rows in a deterministic fashion.

You can read the paper that describes it here:

TL;DR: They are smart and if your Android phone isn't getting the latest patches then you are vulnerable to total pwn4g3 from anything in the Google Play Store until Google figures out how to scan for apps that will perform this attack.

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 2) 185

But what is a lie?

In the case of recalled stories, it's adding or withholding information in a way that will mislead the other party into believing something that is not representative of your perception of the situation.

Summaries so short that I more or less have to reinvent the scenario in order to get my point or question out and paid attention to.
Lying isn't black and white. You have to interpret how much and what information a person is looking for.

It seems like you are incapable of discerning what information is truly relevant to a story because I have never had to "reinvent the scenario" regardless of the story. Alternatively, it's entirely possible your stories are simply not of interest to others.

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