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Comment Re:preposterous! (Score 1) 258

People discount the complexity that we face when attempting to fully debug anything.

As a programmer, I recognize that getting rid of every bug in a large piece of software is a pipedream. I just want them to get the superficial bugs out of the way (which plague every release they make) so that they can actually focus on fixing the deeper bugs in a days, not months.

However, with a large corporate entity like Microsoft, it is not unreasonable to insist on responsible programming practices though Microsoft is slow to adopt these. One of these practices is the reuse of existing code. With every release, it seems like they have rewritten the whole OS because it's always full of bugs at every layer. Like you mentioned, keeping the software small is a way to make software securable and despite their name, Microsoft has no interest in doing that.

Comment preposterous! (Score 5, Informative) 258

When your computer crashes or phone freezes, don't be so quick to blame the manufacturer.

If my computer crashes or phone freezes, it's almost certainly the fault of the person who released the software without properly debugging it. Cosmic rays are very low on the list of reasons why your device has malfunctioned.

Comment Re:'Schizophrenia' is a normal reaction... (Score 1) 85

Nope. It's rare but it's how your brain copes with extreme trauma. You are correct that you are likely to remember traumatic events but that just means that's your brain hasn't reacted to the trauma, it's treating them as normal events. The more intense the experience, the more neural connections, so the more you remember it.

Comment Massive loss of capability. (Score 4, Insightful) 219

The new WebExtensions API is capable of many things but there is going to be a lot of lost capabilities. There are some pages comparing the capabilities and you'll find WebExtensions is lacking in many areas.

WebExtensions versus XUL/XPCOM extensions - see "Services.jsm API" table.
WebExtensions versus Add-on SDK - see "Low-level APIs" table

I don't know if Firefox will recover from this kind of seismic shift in APIs. Let's just hope they were rarely utilized parts of the API or that they are currently developing new replacements for the parts that people loved.

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