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Comment MAME on ARM SBC (Score 0) 91

Looking at the specs, it appears that this is likely just a build of MAME that runs on a single board computer with an ARM chip. It may be a quad core chip but due to IPC speed limitations, only one core can be effectively utilized by emulators. You'll get better performance out of a Raspberry Pi 3 but this does come in a fun case.

Comment Re:the trouble with trolls. (Score 1) 71

> Accounts originating from the same IP address would be kept in the same verse.
If it's that easy, then just ban.

But it takes time to evaluate if someone should be banned. Therefore, it is far better to keep people banned as long as possible.

Its not like i cannot just have my "am i shadowbanned" account on my phone ...

Again, it's not intended to be a cure-all.

> it's to delay them as long as possible.
Which is bullshit. You* do not ban people, you do not ban opinions, you ban behaviour.

It is unreasonable to expect a forum can be read and fully managed by the people hosting it all the while not becoming frustrated with malicious users. The only thing that could manage that is a highly sophisticated AI. The alternative to this is to ban malicious posters.

People trolling, people flaming and people posting hate (that are three different things!) may be unwelcome (and this should be stated before) and that's a behaviour. Banning an account won't stop the next. No matter how clever your special kind of ban seems to be.

So when somebody commits a crime, do tell them, "don't break the law" and move on? No, there need to be repercussions like removing them from society, which then becomes a deterrent.

> The point is to keep them busy in an environment that doesn't harm others and possibly frustrate them enough times that they don't want continue.
Which you try to solve technically, but where you won't succeed.

The point is not to solve the issue of malicious posters, it's to keep them at bay for as long as possible. By banning them you have already succeeded and the longer they are removed from the forum, the more successful the ban. However, claiming that you cannot frustrate them is non-sense because everyone gets frustrated eventually.

You may be thinking about the matter in an idealistic manner which is unrealistic. Malicious posting would exist even in an ideal society because it's a form of entertainment. This is a problem with homo sapiens and when we finally evolve to the point where it's no longer an issue then we will no longer be homo sapiens. In the mean time, we can only ban people and the longer the ban lasts, the better it is for everyone else.

Comment Works great... with small issues. (Score 2) 22

DeepMind is an excellent platform but it's not without it's flaws. In creating a image labeling program, I noticed it did a great job identifying objects but when I tried to get it to identify various persons, it always returned with "ugly giant bag of mostly water". ;)

Comment Re:the trouble with trolls. (Score 1) 71

Technology never solved social problems.

Who said anything about solving it?

And here the workaround to your idea: Troll with two accounts. Do you still see the second one? Oh, it must be "versebanned".

Accounts originating from the same IP address would be kept in the same verse.

Ideas like shadow banning seem clever to their inventors, but actually they are a silly game.

They are clever but you seem to think that they are intended to be a cure-all which isn't the point at all! The point isn't to keep them off the site forever, it's to delay them as long as possible.

Just convery your message and say "You're banned. That's it".

The immediate response is that they will create a new account.

Controlling if somebody returns needs to be done anyway, and hoping nobody notices your fancy new type of ban is just hopeless. Like the forums with the "crash browser of banned users" option in the good ol' times.

The point is to keep them busy trolling in an environment that doesn't harm others and possibly frustrate them enough times that they don't want continue.

Comment the trouble with trolls. (Score 3, Interesting) 71

If you ban a troll, they can just create a new account. If you shadowban a troll, it will take some time and then they will figure it out and make a new account. What we need is a "verseban" for trolls. This would be a progression of a shadowban but instead of being shunned it would appear that people are responding to them when in fact they are conversing with AI chatbots posing as those users. With the latest AI, this would be significantly more difficult to detect, especially if the replies were modeled on things users had written previously. In effect the troll would be banished to their own little universe where they cannot hurt anyone but also don't know they have been caged.

Comment it's all about progress. (Score 4, Interesting) 273

Makerbot capitalized on a great idea that came from expired patents. It wasn't cutting edge stuff but it is part of the history of 3D printing revolution, much like the people with 2400 baud modems were part of the internet revolution. There have already been significant advancements in 3D printing (like SLS and SLM) but they are locked behind patents and a lack of inexpensive pulsed lasers. Once these issues can be addressed, there will be inexpensive SLS and SLM which can then easily be used for semiconductor fabrication. It wouldn't be anything cutting edge but being able to make micrometer ICs on the cheap would be a boon for everyone.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1) 468

So, in other words, you must cure humanity of the pure unadulterated, narcissistic greed that has created the chasm between the elitists and the rest of the human race.

Fat fucking chance of that shit happening.

How positively uncreative! What we can do is reform our societies and cultures so that greed is deemed to be the worst trait a person can have. Combine this with legal traps for greedy behavior that result in long jail sentences and evolution will solve our genetic issue. It wouldn't be easy to accomplish but it could be done.

Comment Infinite recursion warning! (Score 1) 38

I hope Microsoft knows that they just started infinite recursion in management. What's going to happen is a manager will schedule an in person discussion on some bullshit which will need a pointless PowerPoint presentation. Before the meeting happens, it will suddenly be pushed back so that there can be a phone meeting about collaborating on the PowerPoint presentation for the in person meeting. Confusion and discourse will occur and suddenly and an in person meeting will be scheduled for collaborating on presentation for the original in person meeting. This in person meeting will of course need a PowerPoint presentation to explain the confusion and discourse for which the meeting was called but after becoming a meta-meeting the manager insist on having assistance on making this presentation due to it's complexity... for which a phone meeting will be scheduled. An ever growing number of meetings and postponing of meetings will appear in your email inbox which will include and ever growing number of participants until the entire company's focus is on making presentations for presentations for presentations etc. So if you see an in person meeting scheduled and suddenly pushed back with a phone meeting scheduled before it, just run and don't look back!

Comment Re:Correlation between Antibiotics and Obesity? (Score 1) 256

Correlation is not causation, but in my unprofessional opinion, these maps look eerily similar.

There is definitely a link here somewhere but I think you have it backwards. Instead of antibiotic prescriptions making people obese, I think obese people have poor diets and as a side-effect of the poor diet and obesity they are more prone to become sick. Then end result being that people that get sick more often are giving antibiotics more often.

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