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Comment Trump will succeed because... (Score 5, Interesting) 407

In my opinion, Trump will succeed not because of his political prowess, but because of who he resonates with.

People are tired of the elite ruling, making decisions based on cronyism and who lines their pockets. Trump isn't afraid to call them out.

The elite don't seem to understand that the non-elite vastly outnumber them, and are tired of their voices no being heard or making a difference.

Will Trump being president be a disaster, probably.. but at least it would shake things up and make the elite take notice how easily they can be replaced by the unsatisfied masses when the option presents itself.

Comment Regulated vs Non-Regulated mods (Score 3, Informative) 361

I've yet to hear of any regulated mod (battery voltage regulator) blowing up.. only non-regulated ones. The non-regulated ones are simply a push button switch that shorts positive and negative terminals of the battery via the coil of the device.

Of course if you're coil is of so little resistance as to cause a short, the battery is going to explode.. much like jumpering the postitive and negative batteries of a car battery.

If people stopped being uninformed idiots that don't know how to use an unregulated mod, then they deserve what they get..

Or in other terms, don't stare into laser with good remaining eye.

Comment Windows Tablets (Score 1) 170

After owning a Surface Pro 3 for a few months, and subsequently selling it, I often wonder how people can stand using Windows as a tablet.

I mean, Windows doesn't have very good tablet integration still, even with Windows 10... ever try to close those tiny close buttons for your non-metro programs?

Secondly, battery life is complete shit.. 3 hours or less I got out of my Surface.

Thirdly, you still have to run anti-virus, and all that other crap just like a desktop or laptop computer.

And lastly, you pretty much still need a keyboard with Windows.. which makes you think, why didn't I just buy a laptop instead?

If you want or need a tablet for the portability, you're still better off with an iPad or Android tablet.

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