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Comment That's easy.. (Score 1) 315

Which Windows Laptop Could Replace a MacBook Pro?

Ooo Ooo.. let me try this one! Ok, let's see.. which Windows Laptops run MacOS?

Seriously though, people looking for a MacOS experience are generally looking to maintain that, so looking at Windows laptops don't even come close to fulfilling that requirement.

Comment Don't spoil it [for us] - Devs (Score 4, Informative) 134

There's been plenty of streaming of No Man's Sky on Twitch, in fact I watched 3 hours of it tonight on Steam.

After said three hours I feel the devs are more concerned with people cancelling their pre-orders than they are with people spoiling it for themselves.

Oh look, it's another planet that looks the same, but blue'ish grey instead of with more chicken looking critters with horns, but these ones have 3 three legs instead of 4.

Yes, I did cancel my pre-order after watching said 3 hours.

Comment Thought they were already owned b Oracle. (Score 3, Informative) 32

When we bought into NetSuite 8 years back, we were told they were owned by Oracle.

I wonder if they got sold, and then now being bought back.

Honestly though, NetSuite's service has been getting worse and worse every update. For the price they charge (not to mention nickle and dime you for most feature), who could not think they were already owned by Oracle.

Comment Trump will succeed because... (Score 5, Interesting) 413

In my opinion, Trump will succeed not because of his political prowess, but because of who he resonates with.

People are tired of the elite ruling, making decisions based on cronyism and who lines their pockets. Trump isn't afraid to call them out.

The elite don't seem to understand that the non-elite vastly outnumber them, and are tired of their voices no being heard or making a difference.

Will Trump being president be a disaster, probably.. but at least it would shake things up and make the elite take notice how easily they can be replaced by the unsatisfied masses when the option presents itself.

Comment Regulated vs Non-Regulated mods (Score 3, Informative) 361

I've yet to hear of any regulated mod (battery voltage regulator) blowing up.. only non-regulated ones. The non-regulated ones are simply a push button switch that shorts positive and negative terminals of the battery via the coil of the device.

Of course if you're coil is of so little resistance as to cause a short, the battery is going to explode.. much like jumpering the postitive and negative batteries of a car battery.

If people stopped being uninformed idiots that don't know how to use an unregulated mod, then they deserve what they get..

Or in other terms, don't stare into laser with good remaining eye.

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