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Comment Re:I'm sorry, but what's your job again? (Score 0) 113

If Linux was more prevalent, you probably wouldn't have a job.

Hate MS all you want, but if your job there is to fix these problems. No problems = no job. Stop trying to make your job redundant, you should be praising MS for keeping food on your table.

And no, you aren't paying for it, you're paid to deal with it.

Actually, I do hate MS. I used to hold several certifications and several phone numbers. I haven't missed any of it in over a decade, and actively sought different employment. Even with all that said, I dipped back into the cesspool that is MS for 2 jobs in the last few years. It has not gotten better. In fact, they doubled down on their terrible architecture, so it will be unlikely that anything in that area will ever improve.

All that said, if the pay is right and I dictate the terms, I suppose I'll do another MS project. Until financial independence arrives, you take what most quickly gets you to your goals. Even then, pure pay isn't enough when MS is involved, because no one pays that high.

Comment Re:F Cloud auth (Score 1) 81

zwave thermostats still "require" outside access unless you hack it, unless things have changed relatively recently. I'm looking at acquiring a Radio Thermostat Company product for my needs, so corrections are particular pertinent. I'm looking to playing with my rooted wink hub this holiday season.

Comment Re:No, you're right, not sensational (Score 1) 191

Quote the contrary - Net Neutrality still makes loads of sense, for everyone but the ISPs. They, of course, want to milk everyone using "their" network for as much cash as possible and double and triple charge on top of that. Once for your connection, once to your remote data service for the privilege of returning data you requested, and finally charge you again for going over your data threshold because you're not using their own competing service which has no data cap. And therein lies the real problem, ISPs that are more than ISPs and would like to charge you at least double for the privilege of daring to use a service they don't own.

Comment Re:Bad year for the big 2. (Score 1) 91

I've owned several MBPs (2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014) several personally. I can say that through this year, MBPs were some of the best laptops out there in terms of performance and quality constructions, despite the decreasing ability to fix things yourself. I have not compared the newest MBPs so I cannot speak to them. As for performance comparisons, I'm comparing it to a slightly older hex-core desktop outfitted with SSDs. The performance between the two is comparable for most work loads, which is pretty impressive for a laptop that will run 6-10 hours on a charge depending upon load.

Comment Re:If it works (Score 1) 238

Besides the fact that your understanding of currently stated physics is sadly off the mark, as others noted before me with more than adequate detail. The other aspect you completely miss is that the physics of the early universe as described in TFS followed different laws than the current laws we have, which means all assumptions you make using currently understood physics based relationships are most likely invalid.

Comment Re:Bad year for the big 2. (Score 1) 91

Not my brand. And you'll note I'm critical where Apple deserves criticism. Sadly, that's in more and more areas of late. It may actually happen that I move onward to something else in the future, but Apple will need to fall further both in usability and reliability or the current crop of alternate hardware software will need some major improvements before I'd hop on their platforms. Android is still a mess, maybe with Google taking stricter control they may be able to wrestle something reasonable out of it.

Comment Re:Bad year for the big 2. (Score 1) 91

I only know that the iOS bugs have been issues for me, personally, since iOS 9 came out. No, it's not just problems on older hardware, not withstanding the headphone jack going dead, which obviously can't happen on an iPhone7. iOS 10 looked like it fixed a few of the major ones, but that was only the first week or so of playing around with it. It appears the root bugs are still there, although they've been bandaided over so the occurrence is much less often. The major actual app failure I used to see has not appeared once in iOS 10, but that could be because they've traded GUI screen glitches and lockups with app crashes instead. Sure solved the GUI glitch/lockup issues.

Comment Re: He sounds like an idiot (Score 2) 332

I dislike C#. I have programmed with it, C++, and C as well, even relatively recently. For my particular purposes, C/C++ wound up being far better languages to code the system I needed (on Server 2012) than C#. I needed system calls that required calls into the Win32 subsystem directly, and if I need to write a library in C anyways and call it via a lightweight PInvoke wrapper, why not just write the entire thing in C and skip the extra complexity, overhead, and debugging headaches?

Comment Re: He sounds like an idiot (Score 2) 332

People that don't like C# (like me) don't like it for a number of reasons starting with lock-in, sub-standard libraries if you're wanting to be cross-platform, etc. C# was a reworked clone of Java after MS-Java was found infringing. The CLR is interesting, but is a fundamentally different solution than the VM approach used by the JVM. It solves the many languages running on Windows problem, not the run language X consistently across multiple architectures and OS problem. Hence the lock-in issue, because if I'm going to run on Linux, I'll use Java, not C#, as C# offers me nothing compelling to use it on various flavors of Linux, BSD, OSX, OS400, etc. And no, Mono isn't good enough and EF (ORM) isn't a reason either.

Comment Re:Bad year for the big 2. (Score 1) 91

Apple and Samsung are having it rough this year. It almost seems like the neck-and-neck competition is causing everyone to skip QA.

Yep, phones are bursting into flames everywhere causing the gorilla in the phone market to recall all its phones. Wait, that's just Samsung. Meanwhile, Apple has uncovered a couple of bugs in a brand new OS that's been out less than 2 months. And yes, there are some significant changes under the hood, attempting to fix some of the core issues introduced in iOS9, which was unstable throughout its lifetime. However, 10.1.x seems to have regressed somewhat and a few more of those underlying issues appear to still be in the codebase.

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