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Comment New Nano? (Score 3, Insightful) 579

Did anybody want a touchscreen Nano? Better yet, what good does a touch screen that's about an inch and a half square do anybody? I have a feeling that my stupidly large hands would be completely unable to operate the new Nano, and I know I can't be alone there.

This seems like a design regression. I know that touchscreens are sexier than the old wheel was, but was there really anything wrong with the old Nano design that warranted throwing it out entirely?

Comment Re:Is the summary somewhat misleading, or TFA? (Score 2, Informative) 217

For what it's worth, the Wall Street Journal article says "ABC television stations" and mentions that the deal between Disney and Time Warner covers the cable stations as well as the broadcast network.

That's still not a clear-cut answer, but my guess would be that they were all pulled but ABC gets the lion's share of attention because the Oscars are tonight.

Comment Re:abc is not reasonable (Score 3, Insightful) 217

i dont think people care the much about losing abc.....

The millions of people who watch Lost and Grey's Anatomy would beg to differ. So would everyone who's planning to watch the Oscars tonight.

It may not be your cup of tea, but it's kind of stupid to say that people don't care about losing one of the major national broadcast networks.

Comment What's wrong with netbooks? (Score 4, Interesting) 1010

What's wrong with netbooks?

I got one for $300 a few months ago, and it does pretty much everything I'd ask it to. Office applications, internet, chat (and it does have a webcam and microphone, something I believe the iPad doesn't), and it even does (some of) the games on my Steam account. Not to beat a dead horse, but it doesn't hurt that the netbook has a faster processor, four times the storage of the biggest iPad, Flash, and USB support, either.

I'm not going to deny that the iPad can do things my netbook can't and that it's a much sexier piece of hardware, but I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with "the netbook experience."

Comment Re:Can he even afford it? Do sites even care? (Score 2, Informative) 773

On the other hand, for loser websites ranked 987th, it might be interesting, but would them off Google make any difference? Hell no it won't. Nobody would ever notice, except maybe the webmaster.

I think you're severely underestimating the size of the sites in the top 1000.

I'm not sure how accurate this ranking is (and it cuts off at 973, for some reason), but the bottom 100 there include sites like Target, Best Buy, Delta Airlines, Air France, and the New York Post - large retailers, airlines with high traffic, and big newspapers. I don't think any of those sites would accept the money to be removed from the listings - even at that level, it's still not worth it.

Comment Re:What about Google? (Score 1) 773

People go to Google not to get stuff from a top-1000 site, but to find stuff that is not found in the search bars of the top-1000 sites.

You sure on that?

From my experience, it's usually quicker to search Google and tack on the name of the site in your search string than it is to search Amazon, IMDB, Wikipedia, or what have you and filter through their results. Obviously, if Google wasn't an option I could still search on their own sites, but Google tends to work better than most of their built-in search engines.

Comment Re:Why so hostile? (Score 3, Informative) 7

I can't count how many game releases i missed simply because i never really checked to see when they were released, or even heard about them in the first place.

This sounds like a personal problem to me.

If you want to know what video games are coming out, it isn't that hard to figure out. Look at Amazon's Top Sellers list. Look at IGN's recent reviews. Look at the posts on the front pages of Joystiq or Kotaku. Go look at any video game message board on the internet and you'll find topics about whatever's new and popular. Walk into any store that carries games in the country and look at what's sitting on the shelf.

I'd prefer not to have ads in loading screens just because some people are too lazy to do a bit of research on what new releases are available.

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