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Submission + - EU Copyright Reform: Your input is needed! (

An anonymous reader writes: The European Commission has finally (as of last month) opened its public consultation on copyright reform. This is the first time the general public can influence EU copyright policy since fifteen years back, and it is likely at least as much time will pass until next time. In order to help you fill out the (enlish-only, legalese-heavy) questionnaire, some friendly hackers spent some time during the 30c3 to put together a site to help you. Anyone, EU citizen or not, organisation or company, is invited to respond (deadline fifth of February). Pirate MEP Amelia Andersdotter has a more in-depth look at the consultation.

Submission + - Spammers Hijacking IP Space? You be the judge 3

Ron Guilmette writes: "As Reported in this Washington Post story a substantial hunk of IP address space appears to have been taken over by notorious mass e-mailing company Media Breakaway, LLC, formerly known as OptInRealBig, via means that are at best questionable. The block in question is the IP address block, which I investigated in depth in this independent investigation. (Apparently, the President of Media Breakaway has now admitted to the Washington Post that his company has been occupying and using the block and that front company JKS Media which provides routing to the block is actually owned by Media Breakaway.)

Remarkably, the President of Media Breakaway... who happens to be an attorney... is trying to defend his company's apparent snatching of this block based upon his own rather novel and legalistic argument that ARIN doesn't have ``jurisdiction'' over any IP address space that was handed out before ARIN was formed. Get the popcorn ready! This is bound to be entertaining."

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