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Comment Super Early, like 4 or 5 (Score 1) 515

My parents saw my love of Pac Man and video games from when I was 3. They got me a computer ti-99 when I was like 4-5. I would type code from magazines on it even though I didn't know what I was doing. When I was 12, I realized I could make all sorts of games with if then, but I couldn't figure out how to do graphics on the c64. When I was 15, I spent like 8 years trying to make the first mmorpg. The first time I quit was because I didn't have socket code for qbasic though the rest of the game was solid. I recoded it in c++, but Ultima Online came out so I quit since I figured there's only a market for one major mmorpg. Been indie devving since. Also have a degree from Carnegie Mellon. But wouldn't you know it that despite coding for my entire life, and having a degree, I can't seem to get employment. I think it is odd that people say software engineers are in demand. Anyway, thank God for indie devving. I don't need some corporation to believe in my skills. I'll just make high quality software on my own.

Comment Re: Better idea. (Score 1) 352

Yah, I started coding on a ti 99 when I was like 5 years old. We got our code in magazines and just copied it. I would also make print rockets. It wasn't until I was twelve until I learned the power of the if statement, and from there, I've been coding ever since. I don't get why its so hard to land a job though. Everyone says software engineering is in demand, but I can't begin my career and I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Its okay, the world of Indie development doesn't require any company to believe in your abilities to publisj product.

Comment Coding is a sprint, software development is a mara (Score 1) 192

Ideally, I only code 2-4 hours a day and then exercise a bunch. The rest in between lets you strategically think about your software's architecture so it is stable across updates. Thinking takes more than a couple minutes if you're doing significant projects, so you might as well go for long walks.

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