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Comment God loves you. (Score -1, Offtopic) 539

Whether or not you believe in him, God loves you. Even if you hate him, God loves you.

Jesus doesn't just tell believers to help the poor, but he also tells them not to brag on it. If you ask me, that is possibly an awful public relations move. How will people know of the good being done in God's name? God knows what he's doing though.

Be good and loving always because Jesus died for our sins. He died for us, the least we could do is live for him.

Check out for my miracle testimony.

Comment I'm all right nobody worry about me. (Score 1) 225

Gopher was okay, but I guess someone had the idea to add images and html was there within months it seemed. I like the internet we have now apart from the massive spying and viruses. Games are more advanced, and if you like older games, you can still play them. Wanna listen to some Bob Marley? Youtube is there.

Comment If your bread is buttered, you're stoked. (Score 1) 213

If your only tool is a hammer, and you're getting paid to hit things with it, you're stoked. People should be happy to have jobs, a lot of America doesn't have good jobs. There's nothing wrong with getting well paid and reducing labor through automation.
And I love social media. The scoundrels at classical media who have no journalistic integrity can't spin stuff as hard with regular folk calling them on their outlandish ideas. If you think classical media is unbiased, why will they never say a bad thing about a political candidate and nothing good about their opponent? And that is just for starters, they have less news today than trying to get you on board with what they like and dislike. You can call out news on their bs all day, and gain lots of followers. But you know what I say about Twitter followers. I don't care if you follow me. Follow Jesus Christ. He loves you.

Comment Re: I don't like charges to use the Internet (Score 1) 114

And its not like they don't advertise on xbox live either. They could advertise games, doritos, and even put up their own steamlike store if they wanted. But they also add a giant wall,"Pay us to play any game multiplayer online at all... Yes, we know you get it for free on PC, but you gotta understand, we're greedy. Pity our greedy hearts and pay up." Um no, I just won't buy console. There's not many games I like post 2000 anyway.

Comment No surprise (Score 1) 44

Amazon became a common name with low prices and everyone talks about Prime strategies. Once their prices went up, no one seemed to notice because they're used to shopping there. I bet Amazon had a banner year this year. They even tried interviewing me for a 100-150k/yr job, but I probably wasn't taking it since I'd rather stay with my family. Its funny, I'd rather have a 25k a year telecommute job than a 150k/yr job that requires me to relocate.

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