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Comment I've been saying for a long time about autonomus t (Score 3, Insightful) 94

We had the technology from about the seventies to have a smart grid of trains to go to multiple locations, but no one wanted to invest in infrastructure like that. If instead of a road system, you had cards guide by wire or a rail hookup, it could be fully automated already without all the tricky edge cases.

Comment Same as every year:The Bible. (Score -1) 338

I'm blessed to know God is real. He wants us to be good and loving. The Bible is not just long its deep, and you can get new wisdom from it by rereading it many times. God spoke to me,"Good News" only I didn't know it was God or what Good News meant. I drove 45 minutes home in a foggy tunnel vision. I stopped at a church I was no longer attending. My dad was there, we went inside and held hands. Our arms trembled. When I asked him what,"Good News." meant, he went upstairs and brought me down a Good News Bible. There I learned God is real, and that the Bible is legit. Thanks God for making such a beautiful creation. I know God is real from miracles. Read about it here: www.goodnewsjim.com As for God. God is love. Love forms the bond of friendship and in family. Love is the most powerful thing we can experience. It is no surprise that if anything could overcome Death, it would be Love. Jesus did the ultimate act of love by dying for us when we were at our worst. Jesus opened the doors to eternal life with his ressurection showing he has power over death. Jesus loves you. Jesus is LORD! I

Comment Microsoft is positioned for success with c# (Score 1, Interesting) 257

The leading 3d engine (Unity) all the indies use is in c# for some strange reason. This gives it a special allure to a lot of game developers... so I don't see it going anywhere in the next five or ten years. It may last much longer than that too.

Comment I'm sad at Nintendo for not trying hard (Score 4, Interesting) 70

On Android there is a joystick standard. Just make a deal with one of the many nintendo emulators out there, and you could port ALL your titles and charge between .99 and 4.99 and people would loooove it. The new push in Android gaming is game pad gaming. I predicted it long ago, but now it is a thing. Nintendo could also make a standardized Apple Gamepad if they ported their games with it, then everyone would adopt the standard! There is tens of millions waiting on the table for just a negotiation with an emulator, and weeks worth of interns populating and uploading games.

Comment If this is the case, beward companies. (Score 0) 106

Ebay will be called an auction place and have to abide by rules in every town.
Paypal will be called a bank and have to obey laws.
Every tech company figures they're semi avoiding laws at least cuz it is new. The motto in tech ask for forgiveness, not ask for permission. If you limit yourself, you might not ever have a good idea to make billions. I've had many ideas that turned into multimillion or multibillion dollar companies, but I didn't do them myself because I didn't have a crew to do them with. It doesn't bother me, but just reassuring that my ideas are good.

Comment I guess I'm an outlier (Score 1) 167

In all my years developing apps, I only had one live bug and it was basically due to uploading the wrong version to production. Some of my apps are over 50k lines of code! Yet, I can't find anyone hiring a software engineer. Its rough to know your stuff, and hr to not be able to tell you know how to code properly.

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