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Comment An apparently unknown fact? (Score 1) 395

Google Play is not the same thing as the Play store.

Google Play includes a sizeable part of the operating system. Yes, the Play store is amongst it but go and have a read of the documentation to see what else it contains - some of it anyway...

Why is this so? Well actually, it is the result of free enterprise - and not by Google!

Perhaps some people in the USA have learnt just how bad some of your telcos are in comparison with ones elsewhere? They like to delay updates - whether deliberately or just by giving them near zero importance. They have shown how they do not want "older" devices to get updates. They would rather you got a new one. This could end up with everyone not owning a super shiny flagship phone being years behind with the security..

A few years ago, Google put parts of the OS where they could get at with normal OTA updates. From time to time, you may receive updates even though you are still on Marshmallow or Lollipop . That is Google Play.

Comment Re:Classic Sci-Fi Books .. but why just novels? (Score 1) 175

* Isaac Asimov -- especially Foundation series. * Robert A. Heinlein * Arthur C. Clarke

Is A+.

I read them as a child. I recently started rereading some of them and noticed/remembered a couple of things...

Heinleins politics were questionable in some places and awful in others. Despite, for example, Startship Troopers, Red Planet and Number of the Beast approvingly showing un-admirable traits, I enjoy them and recommend them to all.

Asimov wasn't so political but he did seem to unwittingly subscribed to US "Manifest Destiny" and rarely considers any other parts of humanity except, perhaps, a British style aristocracy.

Clarke was a bit more of a globalist. Hopefully, he will have annoyed a few people with his inherent approval of multinational activity and even things like the UN.

Comment Re: Old school reflective lcd (Score 1) 294

I don't know what any of these words mean.

Why would you admit that? It's like someone on a cookery forum pointing out that they had no idea what "blanch" or "au gratin" means.

When someone here says things I am not totally familiar with, and I have no wish to find out, I never feel the need to boast about it. I just don't remark too closely on that item.

Comment Re:Would you undertake voting fraud? (Score 1) 239

If I assume that you mean "loses" and you were just another victim of an uninformed spell checker, how would you know? I suspect you have zero experience with left-wingers.. There is an easy way to tell...

Consider the word "liberal". If you consider them far left, or use the two concepts interchangeably, you are unaware that "liberal" means neither left or right. If you consider the liberal middle ground as the left, you may be living somewhere with only middle ground and right wing politics.

Comment Re:linux etc (Score 1) 585

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics The Democratic People's Republic of Korea The Socialist Republic of Vietnam The Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya The Hungarian People's Republic

Notice a certain pattern there?

They all start with "The", like
The United States of America
The United Kingdom...

So we ban "The" in country names and we will all be able to go back to the Golden Ages of the 19th century, where women and all those people with too much suntan, knew their place.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 2) 644

Armed civilians are the stupidest idea humanity has had since someone said "If we give those vikings some money, they will go away.".

The first thing I was expected to do when the instructor handed me a weapon was to make sure that there was not one in the chamber. I didn't have to just cause the eject mechanism to work. I had to actually look too. Yes, if I went somewhere nasty people were perhaps trying to hurt me, I would have one in ready.As soon as I came back, I had to "make safe" since that is distinctly unsafe.

Are you a postal worker in Baghdad or Kabul? Perhaps you should get an M60 or do you need something heavier? You will probably need some friends to help you with that M1. What type of munitions would you like to keep up the spout?

Comment Re: Next Phase (Score -1) 644

Life, liberty, property.

Life - Nope. Anyone with a sufficient sense of entitlement can shoot you in the back

Liberty - Nope. People are not free if they live at risk of extrajudicial killings.

Property - Nope. Anyone who has sufficient money and politicians in their pocket can frack under your property and poison your water. If they have enough lawyers too, they can steal your "intellectual property".

Comment Easy solution (Score 1) 385

The fix is very easy.

When you next need to replace your phone, ask yourself the following questions
1. What do I need to actually do with it.
2. Is it a device or a sign?
3. Do I have a few hundred spare $$$ lying around?

If your answers are something like
1. Look cool
2. A sign that I am an amazing person
3. Yes

Then you definitely want an iPhone. The lack of a socket will increase the effect for questions 1 and 2. If, however, your answers more resembles
1. Make phone calls, listen to music, use a tiny pocket computer to do stuff
3. OMG no

then an iPhone is not your best option. What you do get depends on just how enthusiastically you said no to question 4./p.

Comment Re: Republic vs democracy???? (Score 1) 246

I wish these gun fearing freaks...

If you mean people trained how to use firearms when in uniform and consider the idea of armed civilians worrying, you have my attention.

would go establish their own country.

Australia is a lot bigger than the US. The UK has been around a lot longer.

It wouldn't last long of course. It'd be too easy to invade with an unarmed population too fearful to stand up for themselves anyway.

People have been trying it for a long time now. Our last successful invader was William of Orange in 1689. That is when we got rid of the "Divine Right of Kings" and had a constitutional monarchy. The French and the Germans have tried since and failed. The Soviets thought we would have a revolution and they were wrong too.

A civilian populace arming itself to promote freedom is like a bunch of teenagers stocking up on condoms to promote chastity.
Any violent revolution will have a nasty aftermath against the populace. This has held true since ancient history and still does.

Comment Welcome to the 21st Century! (Score 1) 385

It can be funny to watch people in the USA have "new" concepts forced upon them that the developed world has been using for over a decade.

Smart cards, that is what they are called, are unpowered. They do not do anything unless they are brought close to a reader. Perhaps you have heard of NFC? The N stands for near. When this unpowered card is sitting in your wallet, it is not irradiating your favourite body part. If you keep them in your wallet they will not work because a reader won't be able to make sense of multiple replies at once.

I think I have 5 smart cards on me. A debit card, a credit card and a debit card that is linked to my Vodafone account and 2 work ones hanging round my neck.This is neither new or particularly advanced. I know that I could get them onto my phone so that I didn't need to carry them but they are secure and convenient enough at present. My phone is powered and so might be readable at a greater distance. That is not something I currently need.

As for the people who got rid of all their plastic and unwanted signs of modernity, consider the fact that the CIA, NSA, FBI or whatever other criminal groups you are shying away from could satellite track you. GPS bugs are pretty small and easy to hide nowadays. Or perhaps you are of no interest to them and you have opted for an unnecessarily less easy lifestyle - or is your first name Theodore?

Comment Re:My first first? (Score 1) 254

It's not so much where they were founded and where their largest user base is

Well yes, yes it is.

It is not apparent how you have arrived at this unlikely conclusion. Please enlighten me.

Anything that is manufactured in a factory under the supervision of the Chinese communist party and all its experts is, by definition, unfit for secure use - military or otherwise - in the USA or anywhere else. South Korea, although not much more secure than the US, Canada or the UK, for example, is still on "our side".

Comment Re:My first first? (Score 1) 254

And I would imagine that it also helps that Apple is the only U.S.-based cellphone manufacturer.

Samsungs are made by an ally - South Korea. iPhones are made in China. That sounds like a pretty clear cut case for avoiding the latter.

It's not so much where they were founded and where their largest user base is. It is about the actual security of devices made by a company under the ever watchful eye of the communist party.

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