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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 385

Thinking historically, they should do the same for some encyclopedias too. Solid information sources, throughout history, have
1. Fact checked with reality
2. Annoyed those in power without necessarily even realising it.
3. Discounted the rose tinted view of history popular with those trying to return us to it.
4. Been attacked, jailed and killed.
5. Had their information banned and destroyed as it did not conform to the official view.

When some group is attacked by the powerful for spreading the "wrong" information, we need to be aware that knowledge outweighs and outvalues ignorance.

Comment Elsewhere (Score 2) 191

Orkney, a group of islands of the north coast of the UK is apparently now self sufficient in electricity from wind turbines. Yes we still have a diesel fired power station in case of problems and an undersea link to the UK national grid.

This is the future - solar, wind, whatever, not filthy fossil power pushed by some bad tempered businessman with dodgy hair.

Comment Re:Please remove (Score 1) 302

Can someone explain...

The first reason is that many people regard "Reply All" as simply "Reply" more stridently. A Reply saying "unsubscribe" is not felt be as forceful as a reply all saying the same thing.

Another reason is that the people who do reply like this tend to feel that they are important. It is likely that not all of the 850K recipients of the original mail replied. It would be interesting if someone analysed the mails for job titles. I bet that few of them said "Doctor", "Nurse", "Cleaner" or "Secretary". This, we are unlikely to have confirmed though.

Comment Re:And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 1) 1066

US climate experts may seem dependent on Government in the USA but they certainly are not universally so in the rest of the planet.

Global warming / Climate Change / whatever else you want to call it - is not an idea only being pushed around the 4.5% of humanity that you live in. It is Global. Like gravity, it does not matter if you believe it or not. You are still affected by it. You may not believe in the theory of relativity. That might be because you don't understand it. I don't understand it but defer to people who know about the matter better than me.

What would happen if people decided that they knew better than the police and traffic planners? There mould be problems because experts in a subject really do know more than those who are not. You may think that a road is OK for 100 MPH. It isn't. You may know someone who thinks that evolution is nonsense. I have the choice in believing scientists or the less educated in the subject. I will listen to the experts - speed limits, evolution or climate change. The people who have studied the matter scientifically are a better group to listen to!

Comment When? (Score 5, Informative) 598

Last Sunday, those of us in North America, Europe and some areas of the Middle East rolled back the clock

No they didn't. The USA now changes its clocks at a different time from most of us. The end of "Summer Time", to give it the English Language title, is in the morning of the last Sunday in October. This year, that is the 30th. The USA changed a week later because GW Bush thought it would be funny to make the USA non-standard in yet another way.

Comment Re:POWAR TO THE PEOPLE! (Score 1) 609

Unless they don't come the conclusion that we want them to...

No Conclusion has been reached by the people. We had an opinion poll but the will off the people is determined by parliamentary elections in the UK and not by an advisory and non-binding referendum.

If we do change to the Swiss system in the future, I want to be the first to get one calling for some sort of penalty against Gove, Johnson etc for telling more lies than everyone else put together in the hope that they would make progress up the greasy pole of political intrigue,

Hopefully, we won't go down that particular rabbit hole and might just improve on FPTP instead.

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 1) 857

No, there aren't...

I called them generalisations because they are not complete descriptions Even calling it a spectrum is a pretty incomplete analysis and the Political Compass website is only an approximation. As long as you are aware that you are using generalisations, they can be a useful tool

I was reacting to a misunderstanding common in your country that "liberal" means "left wing". It means neither left or right. It means in the middle.

Most people do not fit in that one dimensional range - I know I don't. Most political discussion uses it though. It is a lot easier than stating an entire set of political views every time.,

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 2) 857

And so we get to the crux of why the Left hates Trump.

Not being in the USA, I am able to inform you that the USA has no left wing!

You have your "right wing", although just how right they are is a separate discussion.

Those who you call "liberal" will certainly pass for liberal away from your 4.5% of humanity. It's just that you seem to have a different definition of what that actually means from most of the planet.

To make it clear. There are three generalisations - Left, Liberal and Right. You have probably rarely even seen someone who says they are left wing. Bernie Sanders says he is a socialist. That is a bit left of the middle - just as your current president is centre-right. If Hilary is "liberal", that fits. She is less left than even the social democrat Bernie Sanders. That puts her right into the middle, or Liberal. If you find her politics, such as they are, far to your left, that says more about you than it does of her...

Wireless Networking

Apple Delays AirPods Beyond Original 'Late October' Window (arstechnica.com) 77

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Apple's new wireless, $180 AirPods have less than a week to meet their original shipping target of "late October," and now the company has confirmed that such a launch is officially off the table. A Wednesday statement, given to Ars Technica just one day ahead of the company's latest Mac-related press event, confirmed Apple's decision to delay the wireless headphones' launch. In the statement, Apple tells Ars that the company "needs a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers." "The early response to AirPods has been incredible," the Apple statement reads. "We don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready." Apple declined to offer any estimate or release window information about when to expect the AirPods' official launch.

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