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Comment Re:Suing a game manufacturer? (Score 2) 273

I can see one very good reason. The store is like Steam. Say they suffer a massive security breach like PSN did. I think that's grounds to sue.

There's also the speculation of other parts of their EULA, regarding you losing your games if you don't log in for a set amount of time. (Two years I think it is.)

Not to mention if they sell you a game knowing it's defective or broken in some fashion. (Like the recent From Dust debacle with Ubisoft.)

The fact is it should NOT be legal to have this in the EULA IMO. I would guarantee it wouldn't stand up in court. The only problem with that is you'd need a lot of money to do it.

I also love the way the EFF never say a bloody word about stuff like this. Finding the EFF increasingly pointless.

Comment Re:Just look two stories down (Score 2) 422

BAH! XP is still fine. By that definition people shouldn't use Unix.

Vista and 7 have no need to exist unless you're an MS shareholder. They bring nothing to table of any use.

I've had this argument for years with people as I still use XP. A couple of games have been DX10 only, which is asinine when in at least one case they were a port of an Xbox title and the console is essentially a DX9 box. But everything is still supported. My system is still current and can run stuff like Mass Effect 2 etc...

I'm still waiting for a compelling argument from someone to upgrade, but it seems all 7 does is up the minimum system requirements of everything. My kids have Windows 7 on their laptops and I despise it.

I can't be bothered to get into all the reasons why I hate it, but until such time as I'm forced to upgrade, I won't, as everything, including GAMES most importantly, still support XP, and to be quite frank I can live without the "NOW WITH ADDED SHINY" DX10 nonsense. It doesn't make the games any better,

I'm waiting for the day nVividia bring out card that improves gameplay. THAT would be a reason to upgrade.

Comment Re:But the Best Buy guy said it does (Score 1) 664

Cheapest I can find an HDMI cable around where I live is $50. That's for a 3 foot cable.

Went online, and a few days later received two 6' HDMI cables in the mail. Total cost, including shipping? $4.50. They of course work just fine.

I thought this was a Canada only thing as our options for electrical stuff here are limited (due to 99% of places being owned by the same couple of companies). Glad to see it isn't, though it saddens me to see such scamming going on.

Comment Re:Airplay (Score 1) 346

I bought an iPod Touch 4G last year. Wanted the camera. I had a 1g Touch which became obsolete before 4.x even shipped. Yes it was annoying, but I actually found it kinda nice, no longer giving a crap.

Though it's nice that after 3 years of owning an iPod Touch I can FINALLY share my entire iTunes library when I'm at home. It's very slickly done too. (Even if not entirely obvious how to enable it.)

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 1049

I have a CFL in my outdoor lamp on my front step. And in my car port a regular incandescent. Both are wired to the same switch. (Don't blame me, I didn't build the place.)

I flip the switch on garbage night. I put on coat and gloves (I live in Northern Canada), I grab two bags, lug them the 100 or so yards to the designated area. Come back. Take the next bags, 100 yard walk again... If there's a third trip (no pickup for almost 3 weeks during the winter at some spots) the CFL is USUALLY on properly by then. But often times not. I'm quite often done and back inside before it's at full whack.

They're useless at their job, dangerous and expensive.

And people who leave their porch lights on all night unless it's for very good (and not imaginary) security reasons are idiots.

Comment What the hell? (Score 5, Insightful) 324

Seriously, as a Canadian this disgusts me. The EU, the US... What the hell gives these assholes the right to demand ANYTHING?

Makes me absolutely sick to read this. There is nothing wrong with Canada's laws. And that is exactly why they want it changed, so there IS something wrong with it to throw the balance off hugely in favour of coporations.


Comment Re:Wasted time (Score 1) 389

Torrenting has nothing to do with it that's for damn sure unless you start downloading random EXE files and running them, and not doing that is just common sense. I think you need to draw a distinction between intelligent torrent users and fuckwits.

It's about intelligence. I don't run any anti-malware software beyond a small program that tells me when something is added to startup, services etc... (Even the hidden stuff we're not supposed to know about.) And that's it. In the last seven years I've had one incidence of something getting through and it was relatively painless to fix.

I used Linux for years and would routinely have to fight with the graphics driver, stuff would randomly stop working... Also I'm a gamer, WINE just doesn't cut it, and the fact is Linux just doesn't do what I need a lot of the time so I stopped using it.

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