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Comment Re:Uber won't take you if you're too drunk to driv (Score 2) 64

Horse shit. There's a huge difference between slobbering hammered and simply having had enough to drink that you'd get arrested due to the draconian MADD sponsored alcohol laws. When I still drove, I used Uber all the time when drinking. I probably COULD have gotten away with driving in those situations, but I'd prefer not to risk my freedom.

Now I live and work downtown and walk everywhere. I still use Uber to get places outside walking distance, but sometimes I'll use it to get home if I don't think I'm safe to walk.

I have a perfect 5.0 rider rating. Of course I've never been beligerant or puked in a car or whatever.

And "most uber drivers I've talked to" isn't a scientific sample. I have NEVER had a problem getting a ride with Uber. I might have to pay a little more than usual if the supply of drivers is lower, but it's still FAR cheaper, more reliable, and safer than any cab service in this area I've ever used.

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