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Submission + - Wine optional DIB engine shot down (

Elektroschock writes: "The Wine patches for an experimental DIB engine won't get accepted. Wine developer Max Venato is the latest developer to express his frustration:

But bad news.... It seems that the code won't be accepted on wine tree, so I'm stopping the public development and just keep what I do on my tree for Autocad use. Sorry but I don't like to loose any more time on hopeless tasks..... If you wish to try out future new patches of my engine, please just ask for it by mail.

The WINE project has been deferring the task to include a DIB engine for years while the commercial Crossover flavour includes a DIB engine."


Charity Refuses Donation Because of D&D Connection Screenshot-sm 216

An anonymous reader writes "This year's GenCon Charity Auction raised over $17,000 which they intended to donate to Gary Gygax's favorite charity, Christian Children's Fund. However, the charity refused the donation when they learned of its connection to Dungeons & Dragons." It seems to me all they would need to do is cast remove curse or dispel evil and the money would be fine to use.

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