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Data Storage

Submission + - SkyDrive T&Cs prove you can't trust cloud storage (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Personal cloud storage services are becoming ever more popular and many of us entrust important and seemingly harmless files to the cloud, in storage we pay to use. But one look at the terms and conditions of SkyDrive, and reading some of the experiences of users, shows cloud storage is anything but personal.

Microsoft scans every file you upload to your SkyDrive, that includes both public and private folders. It also has a long list of prohibited content, suggesting that storing family photos or ebooks you purchased can get your account suspended permanently. But not just your Skydrive, everything linked to your Windows Live account (Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox Live).

Such rules cannot apply to an area of personal online storage without some kind of process being in place for the user to review the content deemend unacceptable. Access to other files must also be allowed to continue during a dispute. If a service can’t promise that, then there is no point storing any important files in the cloud because one day you might lose access to them, possibly forever, and never know why.

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